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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Bainimarama: SDL, NFP and FLP won't return to power

Fiji's interim Prime Minister Frank Bainimarama says he will make sure that politicians from the SDL, Fiji Labour and NFP who are behind a claimed 600,000 signature petition do not return to power after the 2014 elections.

Bainimarama has labelled their plans as rubbish and says he knows that some secret meetings have taken place at the SDL and NFP offices.

Sources have told Coupfourpointfive that a promiment member of the National Federation Party was last week hauled into the Queen Elizabeth Barracks and warned not to speak against the regime or have meetings at the NFP office.

Bainimarama says he will also ban these leaders from attending the upcoming National Dialogue Forum.


mark manning said...

If everyone is going to be banned, then who is left to attend and what is the point ?

Anonymous said...

Much more simple for His Highness, the Dictator, to say that the only people who can run would be military officers

Roadmap 2 Oblivion said...

Who is this unelected monkey with a gun to say who votes and who doesn't? No SDL, no FLP, no NLP - what is left - some islamist party with khaiyums, shameem, aziz and the other terrorists manaipulating the military fools?

Is this Fiji or the middle east?

The useless Fiji military have sold out the future of their nation!!

Anonymous said...

VORE...how can we have a National Dialogue Forum when FREEDOM of SPEECH which is a basic right for any human being has been denied since you robbed Fiji and its people of there freedom.

And if you're going to ban all politicians from running in the next elections,whats the point of having a election?Who are the people going to vote for..YOUR HIGHNESS VOREQE?

If you had some balls why dont you just declare yourself the dictator and stop taking us for the ride.

Anonymous said...

By that time Vore, it wont matter to you who runs the government cos you will be a cabbage, spending time in jail.