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Monday, February 15, 2010

Bainimarama to stay commander after 2014

Fiji's military government says interim Prime Minister Frank Bainimarama will not be standing down as army commander ahead of democractic elections in four years time.

However, a senior government spokesman has confirmed reports that Commodore Bainimarama will relinquish his role as interim prime minister in 2014.

Interim government spokesman Lieutenant Colonel Nuemi Leweni has told Pacific Beat it is not known whether the interim prime minister will contest the election, but he is certain Commodore Bainimarama will not be quitting as the commander of the military.

"He relinquishes the appointment as prime minister, but not the commander," he said.

"The appointment of commander will need to be discussed with whichever government comes into place."

Last week, local press reported Commodore Bainimarama as saying he will retire in 2014.

But Lieutenant Colonel Leweni claims a journalist misintrepreted the Commodore's comments, meaning instead that he would stand down as the interim prime minister in the lead-up to elections.

Commodore Bainimarama has previously stated publicy that he will run for prime minister if that is what the people want - ABC


kaibeqa said...

Sounds like Vore is already making plans on how to cover his ass.Time is running out for these thugs.

Isa o kemudou na masi polo tiko..me na qai lai vakayagataki vakavinaka yani i Korovou na skill qori..

Anonymous said...

Frank and his puppets must not try and influence the new government which will be elected into power.

In the same token he must stand down altogether from anything to do with the Government of Fiji once the general elections have been conducted.

In retrospect we can only ensure this if the new government places him somewhere he would not be able to do this. Which better place than in prison for 100 years??????????????

radiolucas said...

Lying scumbag.

Frank is going to rig the elections so he can stay in power and keep the money he stole. If that doesn't work he will continue in his role as the idiot with the gun and hold the government hostage.

Anonymous said...

No suprises, the writing was on the wall from day one. The man is there for his own benefit and to protect his own sorry ass.

Written evidence of all he has said and done testify to his hidden agenda. The smoke screen of coruption, good governance et al has been blown away by the winds of truth. Action speaks louder than words so they say.

Anonymous said...

why 2014??can someone with some decent human and just common sense from QEB?? do fiji a favour and please put a nice lovely bullet between his eyes and end this misery once and for all.. and the rest like his cock sucking leweni, Teleni, etc etc will follow suit to jail and be a lesson learn on fijis curriculum and never again, and act as a deter-ant to wanna bee coup makers. its the 4th coup and none of this pricks that have put fiji in disgrace have been dealt with severely in the proper way so lets get bainimarama the first the bear the grunt of his own downfall.

mark manning said...

Driti told to stay home by U.N.

Anonymous said...

The last sentence in the article says that Frank mays stand for PM in the 2014 elections. What is this rubbish? Does he seriously think that he qualifies to be a Prime Minister?

You are not going anywhere Frank but to gaol for a very long time.

Justice has a long memory and wether it will be next year or in 2014 or in 2020-the sure thing is that you Frank and your puppets will be going to gaol if nobody kills you all before then!

Anonymous said...

coupfourpointfive.blogspot.com; You saved my day again.

Anonymous said...

tick tock tick and bloody tock...... Bainimarama your time is running out for good so I suggest you watch your back and make sure your friends are well paid enough cos they are your worst enemy. well Jesus was sold for 40 pieces of silver by Judas and you my dear dead man walking friend??? well id say for nil-Pua you will be gone and never remembered. a good riddance bad rubbish