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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Fiji says resistance to roap map futile

Fiji's military junta has dismissed pressure for elections before 2014 as futile as it faced a barrage of Western calls for a swift return to democracy during a UN human rights council meeting in Geneva.

Delegation chief Peceli Vocea indicated during a UN review of the Pacific nation's human rights record yesterday that a lifting of emergency laws could be imminent and the military government would press ahead with its "road map for democracy".

However, he insisted that the road map, which targets a new constitution for September 2013 and elections a year later, could not be accelerated.

"I respectfully urge the international community . . . to support Fiji in its endeavour to fulfil the desires of the government of Fiji's road map," he told the 47 member states in the Geneva-based council.

"Demanding an earlier date for elections is futile, at this stage," he added.

At the end of the debate, Vocea departed from his prepared speech to discuss the Public Emergency Regulations.

"Let me reiterate that the PER is not permanent and will be lifted on a . . . decree, which is imminent," the Fijian ambassador said.

Military commander Frank Bainimarama overthrew Fiji's elected government in a 2006 coup.

Fiji was suspended from the 16-nation Pacific Islands Forum last May and from the Commonwealth in September over Commodore Bainimarama's broken promises to hold elections by last March.

He also sacked the judiciary and tightened media censorship last year, prompting widespread international condemnation led by Australia and New Zealand.

In Geneva, the two countries condemned "widespread human rights abuses" by an "unlawful interim government" since the coup, calling for an immediate end to emergency regulations introduced last April.

Australian delegate Miranda Brown rejected the poll timetable. (The Australian/AFP/Pacific Media Watch):


Anonymous said...

Interesting use of the phrase "resistance is useless!"

It is a well-known catch phrase of the Borg - the unstoppable arch villains of the Star Trek universe who are on a galactic-wide military quest to subjugate, assimilate and homologate all life forms, cultures and civilizations into their own expanding super-colony empire of automatons!

Radiolucas said...

Lying, thieving scumbags.

What roadmap have they been using?

Has anyone ever seen evidence of this roadmap or is it just something they make up to avoid uncomfortable questions?

It will have been four years of this bullshit this year.

Navosavakadua said...

The regime says it's going to get rid of the Public Emergency Regulations by passing a new decree. Obviously this means that the short term powers of the PER are going to be replaced by a long term power that allows the regime to ban any public meeting it doesn't approve. Is such a draconian law being drafted by the former civil liberties champion Nazhat Shameem?

The hypocrisy of this woman is truly breathtaking!

Anonymous said...

The only roadmap that this military government is following is to fill their pockets with people's hard earned money and put their relatives and military colleagues in top governemnt positions!

It is not about the welfare of the people of Fiji but to get financial gains from the government and a plot not to end up in gaol when Frank was being investigated in 2006 before the coup.

What is this rubbish they are refering to as the roadmap. Fiji does not need a roadmap because the road system is just one way and nobody can get lost!

It is just Frank and his colleagues who are lost and cannot find their way out of going to gaol when everything is over!

Anonymous said...

They have a road map to da rubbish dump.

Anonymous said...

If a sailor using a 'roadmap' doesn't alarm - nothing will.

Anonymous said...

Dont worry guys, vore is just using fancy words to make people think he has something up there.
He is using the road map of Korovou jail- 'Rai ki Beqa mate ga". One day son of Satan, one day.