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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Interview and new threats cause confusion

It's easy to see why there was confusion today over the recent announcement that diplomatic missions were re-opening in New Zealand and Fiji.

It was caused by an interview the interim prime minister, Frank Bainimarama, gave the Auckland based radio station, Tarana, this week where he said he would not allow the re-appointment of New Zealand and Australian high commissioners for two years unless the travel bans were lifted.

The comment caused some people to think Fiji was backing out of the agreement with New Zealand to reopen respective diplomatic missions in Suva and Wellington.

Those plans were announced by Bainimarama's own Foreign Affairs minister, Ratu Inoke Kubuabola, and the New Zealand Foreign Affairs Minister, Murray McCully, last weekend after their meeting in Suva.

Kubuabola and McCully (that's them above) both said the meeting was aimed at strengthening staffing in the respective missions and that both missions would reopen next month with First Secretaries and Acting Heads of Missions in place.

As foreign ministers, their statements carried some muscle but thanks to Bainimarama's interview (where he said talks about the diplomatic missions were a minor part of the discussions) and renewed threats to pull Fiji out of the Commonwealth yesterday, many were left thinking there had been a U-turn or dramatic developments as we say in news circles.

McCully has today said the plans to re-open the missions continue and shouldn't be under threat. Let's hope that's the case.

Bainimarama has also said that Kubuabola is doing the talking for Fiji at the moment with New Zealand. Let's hope he lets him do that.


Anonymous said...

It seems the best thing the unelected dictator could do is just keep his mouth shut. Every time he opens it, it is 3 steps backwards for Fiji!!! Bainimarama is rivalling driti and lewini (both rejects) for stupidity!!!

Anonymous said...

Notice how diplomatically NZ's McCully handled the situation without embarassing Ratu Inoke. The classless tinpot dictator could learn from the experience.

Anonymous said...

what a plonker, well see no evil hear no evil... and here goes Bai with his no brains again...
what a dickhead, he def needs a dong on the head.....

Anonymous said...

Take strong exception at Lewini &
Driti & anybody else being compared with VB.

This mans in a class of his own...

Anonymous said...

This story is a load of Bull. Even when Aust and NZ had talks a couple of weeks ago, they also said that although more communication is required with Fiji, i.e. increased diplomatic presence, sending high commissioners was a long way away, most likely after any future elections. They stated that they did not want to appoint a high commissioners now, only to have them expelled if there are future issues. So Frank only says the same thing as Aust/NZ. The press and websites have just twisted it around to seem like he is making new threats, when he is stating the same thing as Aust/NZ.

Ateca V said...

Dear Anon 11:12 am - maybe the twisting is going on inside your head as well as the nits you share kutu with in the treasonous regime corridors.

Do tell - r u privy to these "inside" arrangements? If so, don't be the an-on-y-mouse we beseech you.

We the people deserve to know - after all it is our money you are using for chinese whispers, and to send forth troops hitha & ci-ca.

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