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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Petition organisers: Bainimarama's response typical

The organisers of a petition calling for elections to be held in Fiji this year instead of 2014, say interim prime minister Frank Bainimarama's response to it shows his mental capacity and leadership capabilities.

Bainimarama has dismissed the petition, which claims to have over 600,000 signatures, as being good for "toilet paper".

One of the organisers of the petition from a democracy group in Australia, Suliasi Daunitutu, says because people are afraid of speaking up, signatures were collected through political party lists from the FLP, NFP, SDL and UGGP, whose leaders gave approval for it to be submitted.

Daunitutu says Bainimarama's comments are typical of him.

"Who could forget his reply to the Samoan Prime Minister, and how he eloquently dressed his speech with a question about coconut trees and counting Fijian stars? That ended with an invitation from Voreqe to the Samoan PM to come over to Fiji, so he could show him the country. That would have to be the part of the country that have underqualified soldiers enjoying exuberant amounts of money taxpayers pay them.

"What about the Methodist Church half hearted stance to have the conference last year? That did not sit well with him so he arrests Talatalas and now has cancelled the AGM till 2014 and has included the suspension of their quarterly meetings," Daunitutu said.

He said Bainimarama has shown the same attitude towards diplomats who were “doing their jobs” in reporting the situation as they saw them but were "met some very undiplomatic language directed at them and then shown the door".

"Now, he has been told that over 600,000 people are demanding elections. That message was a slap in his face, as he is touring the country trying to win their preferance, just to be told that they want an elected government to lead them."

"There is absolute and uncoditional anger in that response. I would also like to inform him that I stay in touch with people who inform us of his poorly run and uneducated mismanagement of the government machinery, which has seen Fiji fall behind from first to last in the Pacific Islands economic evaluation."

Daunitutu says organisations in Fiji have been in contact and have given their full support to a move that will be taking place in the next few weeks.

"Also, Amnesty International have responded with keeness to the petition and will be monitoring Voreqe's actions in the coming days."


Anonymous said...

Frank's reaction just shows how shallow and immature he is in forming a view to counter the claim that 600,000 Fiji citizens want an immediate return to democratic rule!

I challenge him to prove that he has the support of the people and hold a referendum in Fiji to get the people's views if they support him or do they prefer an elected government!

That is the open challenge to Frank and his cronies. uite simple to see that he does not stand a chance of winning such a referendum.

Frank do you want to prove me wrong? Be a man and hold a referendum! Or are you a scared rabbit?

Anonymous said...

"....says because people are afraid of speaking up, signatures were collected through political party lists from the FLP, NFP, SDL and UGGP, whose leaders gave approval for it to be submitted"

THAT IS A PETITION WITH 4 SIGNATURES NOT 600,000. We know these party's are against the current governemnt, it is nothing new. No matter what the justification these pary's cannot sign over their party lists and call this a 600,000 strong petition. What rot.

Anonymous said...

I have questioned something over 200 people of all races and social status and not one of them has ever heard of the so called referendum. 600,000 bull s---