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Monday, February 22, 2010

600,000-strong petition to military govt

Fiji's military led government has been sent a letter saying 600,000 people have signed a petition for elections this year.

Commodore Frank Bainimarama has said the earliest the elections will be held is 2014.

Many of the people who have signed the petition are linked to the democracy movements in New Zealand and Australia, like Suliasi Daunitutu.

A member of the Fiji Democracy Movement in Australia, Mr Daunitutu says people in Fiji have endured a lot in the past four years and elections should not be delayed any longer.

He says Fiji citizens are afraid to speak openly so they're doing it through the political parties, hence the strong support for the petition.

Mr Daunitutu says the leaders of the Fiji Labour, SDL and National Federation parties all submitted a list of their members to be included in the document.


TheMax said...

What a load of bull. If that's really a legitimate petition, we would have seen it in Suva. No one saw that petition. Enough bullshit.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry to say that the report that 600,000 people support a 2010 general elections does not reflect the correct picture.

The right figure is around 800,000 people of Fiji or 95% of the Fiji population want an early election.

Frank you had better get ready to hold the general elections this year. Everybody knows that you are prolonging the elections so that you and your cronies can maximise the money that you are stealing from the people of Fiji.

You will be going to gaol for a long, long time.

Jeke said...

As much as I would like to support this movement I find it difficult to believe the figures been bandied around.

Anonymous said...

no matter how many petition or recommendations or pressure from other countries and leaders Bainimarama aint gonna budge and that is fact. so the only viable way to get rid of him is for someone to do fiji a favour and eradicate the vermin once and for all. Better sacrifice one person then the whole of fiji to suffer. so let him be the Jesus for fiji and take the fall once and for all and save us the pain and struggle.

Anonymous said...

well to the point and its........ exterminate,exterminate,exterminate!!!!!!!!!!
and save FIJI from a slow and embarrassing death.
The problem I am having now is where the hell are all the so called Church Leaders and lazy ass chiefs?????
I blame them for letting fiji get worse!!!. Where are the Ratabacaca's, the Poate's the bloody other church leaders etc. etc. who enjoy's the fat of sucking its congregations dry and having posh,good life and then?? sit back and knowing what Bai is doing is wrong and NOT acting???
Get your lazy backside out there and lead the People of FIJI out of been forced into intimidating down right slavery!!!!!!
What happened to if god is on our side??.........
Typical Lazy, Laid back and back stabbing FIJIANS!!!!!!!
so can one of our true leaders stand up and be counted and make a difference and end this farce because FIJI needs saving, and its one of you the Church leaders, chiefs who believe in the Basic fundamentals of been a human being???
The right to have a life??? in freedom????

Anonymous said...

Anonimous, 12.32pm. why dont you start by giving you real name, and say that you are going to lead the people, instead of blaming the church leaders, and chiefs, and Ratabacacas, and Poates, and everybody but you.
You hypocrite!!!!!
Now you hide behind you anonymous skirt and point at other people.

Anonymous said...

even if the whole world signs the petition for any changes to VORES plans.He is too stubborn to even consider the peoples voice.So i think we better come up with a much better stratergy to move VORE out of the way and put some other fat corrupt politician to continue the robbery of our beloved FIJI.Im sorry to say but only the head of the snake changes every now and than.Same old story will be repeated...

Anonymous said...

oilei o Vore Qe me dua ga vua na taba ni dogo

Anonymous said...

hmmm dina saraga, na dogo e bau malumu na wekaqu, mai ga na 4'x4'. Se ke vinaka sara , au na laki kauta mai na nona 'samurai' o Tuwa!!

Can't wait to see this man & his co-horts Khaiyum at the gallows...bring back 'Capital Punishment'!!

Anonymous said...

kai vikau.its sad fiji leaders has let its people down.leaders who have ruled fiji are for themselfs.i hate them.fb and his cabinet should resign and fiji to hold election asap.ag /others should be behind bars.come on military council wake up and do the favour of true clean up.not cover up.