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Thursday, March 18, 2010

17 Aussies still to be located

The Australian government is trying to make contact with 17 Australians still unaccounted for in the areas Cyclone struck in Fiji.

The Federal Government's overseas aid program, AusAID, says 35 Australians have already been located.
AusAID acting director-general Peter Baxter says communications are down in the area and it was hoped contact could be made with the Australians in the next couple of days.

The New Zealand Foreign Affairs says most of the major resorts have been unaffected and staff have managed to contact New Zealanders in those areas.

Australia, as with New Zealand, have pledged a million dollars each to help Fiji.

The New Zealand Airforce Hercules was helping Fiji disaster officials today assess the damage and get supplies to worst hit areas.
Meanwhile, the Australian Defence Force C-130 arrived last night and staff can be seen here unloading relief supplies at Nausori. With them is the acting Australian high commissioner, Sarah Roberts. Photos: AusAID