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Sunday, March 14, 2010

3,000 landowners in sugar land talks starting Monday

The interim government is expected to start consulting with landowners tomorrow (Monday) about maximising land for the sugar industry.

It's believed 87.6 per cent of the land in Fiji is owned by indigenous Fijians, so the bulk of the talks will be with them. Key areas are set to be Sigatoka, Nadi, Rakiraki, Tavua, Ba and Lautoka and a figure of 3000 landowners has been mentioned.

Commissioner Western, Commander Joeli Cawaki, told the Fiji Sun recently that land would remain unchanged but landowners have to give access to the Government and farmers.

“The objective is to see the big picture as through this, the Government wants to increase the economy. If there are no developments taking place on the land, then they have to make arrangements rather than just letting the land sit idle."

Commander Cawaki said if Chinese people owned the amount of land indigenous Fijians did, they would have been millionaires.

The plan has already been criticised with cynics saying the land reforms are consistent with the interim government's intent to dismantle Fiji.

Suliasi Daunitutu, of the Fiji Democracy Movement in Australia, told Coupfourpointfive: "First the The BLV, the Lotu, the SDL government, and now the piece de resistance, the Land. Unfortunately it is being done by a Taukei in the name of racial reform and getting rid of corrupt practises in the government."

Daunitutu maintains Fijian landowners have never been able to show too much power over their land and have been victimised in Frank Bainimarama's plans.

"The gullible landowners can be hit hard by these reforms if they are not careful. The 99 years lease will find a few generations of Fijians not being able to enjoy their land and its security except for the two payments a year they will get.  That is not security for the landowner, that is revenue raising for this poor government."

He adds: "Their argument of land lying idle is all a confused explanation of trying to take the land and give to some Chinese people who want to start an ethanol plant, a load of rubbish. The Fijians are well-educated and are already starting their own businesses using their biggest asset, their land. They don't need someone who has no land to tell them how to manage theirs."

Commander Cawaki has said there is a need to change the mentality of landowners and that Bainimarama has said the sugar industry is here to stay.


Anonymous said...

Can't get my head around this?

Even the most casual observer knows that the problems confronting
the Sugar Industry have nothing at all too do with land (lack of it).

Its always been about the Mills & a grossly incompetentent executive administration. ($80 + debt - & thats only what we know about?).

Reality is they couldn't even crush all this years harvest - so if they increase production - then what? Mind boggling in its stupidity.

Only thing that will keep us (Viti)globally competitive (& thats doubtful?) is large scale mechanisation. (as practiced by our overseas competitors).

Sceptics may view this as an oppurtunity for the regime too stir up nationwide discontent & civil strife thus justify their continued existance. (99 year leases?).

Whole things bizarre - (giving other peoples land away) smacks of yet another example of desperate & dangerous opportunism.

mark manning said...

Frank Bainimarama is an amazing man !
He is the Commander of the Military, Commodore of the Navy, Prime Minister of the Republic of the Islands of Fiji, Elder Statesman, Entrepreneur, Business Tycoon, Chief Economist, Agricultural Expert and Order of Fiji Medal recipient.
Is there anything that this man cannot Do ?
He is my hero and I want to buy a piece of land in Fiji or own a tract of some 50,000 acres for $100 a year, for the next 99 years.
But don't worry, i will lease it back to the landowners for $50,000 a year and they can work my land a labourers.

Anonymous said...

The only thing left for Voreqe to is clean the public toilet near the Suva Bus Stand. That will cement his place in the history of Banana Republics.

Girmit said...

What sugar industry! It's gone to the pack thanks to Frank Bainimarama and his looney tune government. There's no money to fix the sugar mills, there's no money to pay the farmers, there's no money full stop because Franky pissed off the European Union who cancelled the millions of dollars of aid!

Anonymous said...

Its all the same music when he faces a problem---lie his way and buy time. Vore had the chance to solve the sugar industry, but he just dont give a damn to any poor farmers. His security is more important.

Anonymous said...

dumb to talk about chinese and typical to compare to fijians

Anonymous said...

Don't have too have a law degree to
figure that any new 99 year leases signed under current illegal administration aren't(won't) be worth the paper there written on once this regimes run its course

Anonymous said...

Frank just go and lease your land if there's any in Kiuva!