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Thursday, March 4, 2010

All eyes on who gets nod for Forum

One of the organisers of the 600,000 strong petition calling for elections says this year, says it's anyone's guess now who makes the invite list to the National Dialogue Forum.

The Forum was supposed to have been held last month but has been delayed as Fiji's interim government tries to weed out politicians from attending.

Suliasi Daunitutu (pictured right), from the Fiji Democracy Movement in Australia, says everyone is waiting to see whose applications are approved, since the interim prime minister seems to be eliminating so many people.

"He doesn't want politicians or international brains at the dialogue or people with concerns, only those who support him, and now he's turning to children."

Daunititu's recent petition, of course, was what drove Bainimarama to vow that any members of the SDL, the Fiji Labor party and NFP, who'd been involved in the petition, would not be allowed to stand in the 2014 elections.

That's now cast more doubt on whether the election will even be held, with the likelihood of so many politicians boycotted.

Daunitutu told Coupfourpointfive it'll be interesting to see just who will get the nod for the talks, since Bainimarama is determined to lock out so many.

He says the military leader has boxed himself into a corner. "He has so many things to hide, which is why he's afraid to come to the table."

Daunitutu says the democracy movement's petition ratteld the Commodore, that's obvious from the military goon's visit to the SDL Party offices last week, where people drinking grog were hauled off to the Queen Elizabeth Barracks.

"He was very angry that this petition went under the notice of military intelligence."


Anonymous said...

If Frank is saying that he has the support of the people then he should hold a referendum.

Come on Frank be a sport and do this. Only then can you say that the result of such an exercise is accurate.

The result of that referendum will show Frank that nobody supports him or his puppets other than his puppets!

Anonymous said...

Who wants to listen to Frank B anymore. He sounds like a 'broken record' being replayed multiple times.

The fact of the matter, Frank & his regime are just bidding time to look for an out for themselves. Threy have dugged too deep and now cannot get out of it. Fiji will rebuild in time to come but the damage being done now is beyond comprehension.