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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Army detains Rinakama

The former Fijian Association Party Parliamentarian, Peceli Rinakama, was arrested by soldiers last Friday (March the 5th) and his whereabouts remain unknown to even his family and friends.

Sources say Rinakama had gone to the home of his high chief from Naitasiri, Ratu Inoke Takivekata, after the high chief and his colleagues were handed their prison terms after being found guilty of conspiring to kill Frank Bainimarama.

Ratu Inoke's home is in Toorak, Suva.

Sources say Rinakama and other subjects and friends of Ratu Inoke went to the jailed chief's home to drink yaqona.  They confirm that as soon as the first tanoa of yaqona was mixed, soldiers arrived outside Ratu Inoke's residence and surrounded it.

Without even having a bilo of yaqona, Rinakama was arrested by the soldiers and ordered into a truck. Sources say the last time anyone saw him was at the Central (Totogo) Police Station late last Friday afternoon.

Since then his whereabouts has been unknown. Sources say family members fear he is being detained at the military camp in Nabua and could have been beaten up.

Almost two weeks ago ( Friday, February the 26th about 8pm) a group of men, including deposed Parliamentrians Samisoni Tikonisau and Mataiasi Ragigia, were taken to military barracks by uniformed soldiers from the SDL ofice, where they were drinking yaqona.

All were beaten and released 5 to 9 hours later.


Anonymous said...

That is what they are good at-assaulting people who cannot defend themselves.

With guns to back them they are pushing their way around as if they own the government.

One day they will be without guns and then the real person will be exposed.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the continuing coverage Coup 4.5

Despite the heavy media censorship, there's still a need to remind ourselves that it's imperative our info is verified for accuracy and authenticity as far as possible without compromising one's safety. If the victims consent to it, by all means post their ordeals word for word on internet and name the assailants.

Not everyone is going to stay scared of COWARDS who creep around like thieves in the night, snatching people from the safety of their homes, in order to abuse them at the camp or some remote place. There are limits to people's patience and fear.

mark manning said...

The time has come to stand up for your rights.
As much as I deplore violence, it is now time to confront this band of cowards with absolute force !
Frank Bainimarama set the scene and the tactics that can be used in retaliation against him and his band of thieves and thugs.
They justified on Fiji Times online, that the C.R.W. Soldiers were murdered because it was an act of WAR and that Fiji was at WAR in 2000.
Well, WAR is defined as armed conflict :-
Therefore, Fijians would be justified in waging WAR back on the Soldiers.

Fiji Failed State said...

The Fiji Military are cowards. Intimidating, bashing and killing people with impunity. Worse than the gestapo SS. The compromised and corrupt judicial system are just puppets of the military regime and complicit in this terrible human rights abuse.
The dictator and his treasonous coup supporters know their time is running out.....

Mr j b S said...

It is About time things stop for good and enough is enough that is true that it comes time people are gonna stand up to the military ruled government. I am one that has burnt both side of the candle that i am willing to sacrifice my own life in order to bring fiji free .. i know others are ready and its bloody about time, so Bainimarama watch ur back cos fiji as a whole is comming for you esp

ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Every dog has its day and every soldier and police will be hunted down like dogs and given the justice they deserve.This includes all the dogs who who have benefitted from the coup.

Have faith people because God is Great and will destroy these dogs.

Anonymous said...

Where is the academic sector in light of these atrocities? Where are the university students? At any other university you would see, at minimum, protest marches. What a bunch of sheep.

Huba said...

Good story, thanks for the heads up. If true, this would be a very sad development indeed. One question on the writing though - why the emphasis on the fact that he was abducted "even without a sip of yaqona"...? Is the "yaqona" a factot in this?

Anonymous said...

The RFMF is a bunch of cowards let by an even bigger coward. Cowards are dangerous when they have guns. But cowards also think about their own skin all the time. Perhaps one day it will dawn on them that giving the cassava sprinter another run is their best exit strategy.

Anonymous said...

Very said...I thought the dog Voreqe said after the conviction that everyone should respect the Court's decision. Dur! since when has he respected any Court decision? Wake up people, get organised and protest or face second class status in your own country.

Anonymous said...

"Army Kidnapped Rinakama" is more appropriate

Anonymous said...

It's a lost cause, The people are starting to supporting illegal regime.

mark manning said...

No, the people are cemented in fear !
But just wait until they are no longer afraid, then we will see who the real cowards are.

Anonymous said...

Why are the indians supporting this coup???

Anonymous said...

Doubt they are? After what happened to Chaudhry say their sitting back like the rest of us & wondering what will happen next?

Minor things such as Air Pacific going belly up - Sugar Industry unable too pay its $80 million + debt - when will the Kai Naitasiri make their move etc etc...