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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Aust and NZ send aid

Two planes filled with emergency relief supplies from New Zealand and Australia will arrive in Suva today.

The plane from New Zealand left this morning and will arrive in Suva around 10am.

Disaster management director Pajiliai Dobui says France has also agreed to help and has dispatched a plane to take aerial photos of damaged areas especially in Vanua Levu and Cikobia.


Anonymous said...

What Voreqe says a weeks ago - We do not need New Zealand - or Australia or the International Community. Now cyring and begging for their help as Fiji is BANKRUPT and cannot assist its own people. This bunch and their hangers-on should realise that Fiji cannot survive without the international community. The International Community should let it wallow in its mess.

Anonymous said...

So much for spitting on Awstralia and New Zealand, threats and all about pulling out of the Commonwealth. Does the Aussie and Kiwi dollar look prettier now?

Coup 4.5 said...

Hilarious this coming to the party off Australia and New Zealand when the big man throw them out of Fiji. Bankruopt and all now and begging bowl going around, Fiji knows which side madrai buttered on

Anonymous said...

Now Vore has no-one else to blame for the economy, the nation, the people and their collective future going absolutely nowhere under his daft, half-baked, con-job Charter!!!