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Friday, March 12, 2010

Bainimarama: Political upheavals won’t happen again

Fijivillage, March 11 2010: The events of 2000, which saw loyal soldiers killed by the rebel group when they tried to take control of the Queen Elizabeth Barracks (QEB), will be the last time any political upheaval will happen in this country.

Speaking to the 14 villages in Koro, Prime Minister Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama said people were led to believe false promises in 2000 which resulted in most of them going to parliament to support the actions carried out by failed politicians.

Bainimarama said the event that happened at QEB in 2000 was the first of its kind where Fijian soldiers were killed on their home soil and the Army promises the people that it will never happen again.

He told the people of Koro this is one of the reasons why they took control of the government in 2006 because politicians were lying again and the events that happened in 2000 could have been repeated where there was bloodshed and lives were lost.

Bainimarama said the land reform which the government is talking about will benefit the landowners and they have been visiting rural areas to urge them to work with the government in moving the nation forward.

Commodore Bainimarama reiterated that only the military can change the political leadership.

He said his government is not in place to please anyone in particular but to carry out the development work which past governments have failed to deliver.


Anonymous said...

What a load of claptrap.

Only reason he won't hand over power is the threat of legal retribution - he's (their) in too far - all or nothing from here on in...Judging by past record of dictatorial regimes - his (their) chances doesn't look real flash.

Anonymous said...

The psychopath is dribbling down his chin again!!