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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Bainimarama: Sugar irreplaceable

The interim prime minister, Frank Bainimarama, has told cane famers of the Cuvu Lomawai farming communities in Nadroga, the sugar industry is facing some real challenges but the State is doing all it can to address them.

Bainimarama spoke to about 500 cane famers, telling them the State was committed to ensuring the survival of the Fiji Sugar Corporation while addressing other challenges faced by the sugar industry.

The Fiji Times story quotes him today as saying "Government is unmoved in its resolve to ensure that it is revived to become viable and remain sustainable."

The paper says Bainimarama spent more than three hours with farmers, talking also of the challenge of improving mill efficiiencies plus the need to increase cane production.

He said: "And where viable, the establishment of diversification initiatives of power-cogeneration and ethanol production.".

Baimimarama said no other crop could match sugar cane and its ability to secure reliable foreign exchange, employment opportuniites and stable livelihood.

"It is in this regard that Government makes this decision, despite all odds to ensure that the industry becomes viable and remains sustainable."


Girmit said...

Ah Frank, the sugar cane industry is facing some real problems because you messed it up!

This is a money problem, money which aid agencies like the EU were prepared to give, if you committed to elections this year.

But no, you didn't think of the poor landowners or the farmers or the maintenance of the mills.

You thought of yourself. Bravo!

Radiolucas said...

Exactly. The same thinking that makes Frank impose a curfew during the cyclone - crazy because if you want to go help your neighbour down the road, you could get arrested by the soldiers patrolling the streets - trying to make sure that noone kidnaps Frank.

Stupid and an incredible waste of time. That pretty much sums up the military government.

Anonymous said...

This Government is so paranoid that the only way it deals with problems is to impose a curfew.

Shallow minds can't come up with a realistic way of resolving these problems.