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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Bainimarama zeroes in on Fiji's young

Fiji's interim prime minister has a cunning plan in hand - court the support of young citizens and shut down the country's leading political parties.

Frank Bainimarama has told Fijilive young people should get involved in politics, instead of shying away, saying  “We want new faces with new ideas to be running the government and this is something we have learnt from the past."

In turning to Fiji's young and untried, the military dictator is surely trying to spur them into derailing the leaderships of the Fiji Labour Party, National Federation Party and the SDL, which are very much in the hands of the more seasoned.

Sure, new blood is good for politics in any country but in Fiji, and at the military regime's behest, one must look beyond.

Bainimarama's sudden interest in Fiji's younger population comes as he tries again to deliver on the National Dialogue Forum, which was supposed to have been held on February the first.

Apparently, too many former politicians have applied to attend and that's causing problems, hence the delay.

Bainimarama is also trying to annihalate the Tight Three because of the the 600,000-strong petition from the Fiji Democracy Movement in Australia, for elections to be held this year.

The petition has drawn criticism because it doesn't disclose the names on it, despite organisers saying that would've been impossible with people being so scared so the only way to collect and present them, was via the three political parties.

That, of course, led to Bainimarama vowing that no members of the Fiji Labour Party, National Federation Party or the SDL will be allowed to run for elections in 2014, after first rubbishing the petition as toilet paper.

As organisers of the petition and others rightly question, so just who will be able to stand when the elections are finally held? And just how far will he go to purge the unwanted?


Radiolucas said...

You would think Bainimarama would take a hint from the fact that all the major political parties and their supporters oppose him.

He cannot hope to simply ban EVERYONE who disagrees with anything he says from actively participating in Politics. It is, crazy.

But as we all have come to realise, logic and intelligent thought do not play a big part in Bainimarama's world.

Anonymous said...

The answer to the question who can stand is simple: What we are going to see is a one party state where as a voter you have the choice between Cassava Frank and the 2 $ Epelis.

Anonymous said...

Just one bullet will relieve the people of their current misery! Period.

Anonymous said...

Franky the dictator is jumping at so many shadows he is going to trip over and hurt his cute little ankle!! Khaiyum can bend over and kiss it better!! Although he'll have to fight off the anonymous coup sucking assessors who are all running around saying "pick me, pick me"!

Anonymous said...

no point in standing for elections if this idiot is still around and commanding the military. there is no guarantee that he will not overthrow the younger generation govt if they happen to have ideas he does not agree with.

Anonymous said...

levu ga ni lasu bainivore