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Friday, March 5, 2010

Ballu Khan: military should've been in dock

The New Zealand businessman, Ballu Khan, has described the sentences handed down to the eight men found guilty of plotting to assasinate Frank Bainimarama, as a tragedy.

Khan told Radio New Zealand National a short time ago the case should never have gone to trial and that the court had the wrong people."The military people should have been on trial; it should've been them in the dock."

Khan (pictured right with New Zealand lawyer, Peter Williams, QC in 2008 in Suva) says there had been a miscarriage of justice and the men had nothing to be ashamed of.

"I have spoken to some of them recently and because they are innocent they have nothing to hide and are holding their head high."

Asked if he thought the men would appeal the sentences, Khan said the Fiji justice system was flawed, saying corruption was rife and there was no guarantee the men would get a fair deal.

He referred to two cases where mlitary officers, one releated to Commodore Bainimarama, had committed crimes but had gotten off easily.

Khan also hit out at Justice Paul Madigan, who in finding the men guilty this week, said: "I am satisfied beyond reasonable doubt each of you conspired with others and Ballu Khan to murder Commodore Bainimarama."

Khan said anyone with a basic understanding of law would've realised how bizarre the comment was, since he wasn't on trial.

He was adamant the plot was not hatched at his house in Suva, saying: "It was their plot, the military planned it."

Picture credit: Fiji Times