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Monday, March 22, 2010

Bole presence at NZ meeting hailed

Fiji Football Association president, Dr Mohammed Shamshu-Din Sahu Khan, hailed the presence of Sports minister Filipe Bole at the Pacific Youth and Sports Conference (PYASC) in Auckland, New Zealand.

Dr Sahu Khan said the presence of Bole (right) at the PYASC over the weekend should be a huge lesson to other countries that politics has no place in sports.

The conference was sponsored by world soccer governing body, FIFA.

The Fiji FA boss thanked the New Zealand government for allowing Bole to attend the conference despite the travel ban imposed in 2006.

“We are very proud to have Filipe Bole invited to attend the conference in Manukau, New Zealand,” Sahu Khan said.

“I believe the minister’s presence in New Zealand is a very good sign as sports bridge division.

“I think not only soccer but the all the sporting bodies should be proud of Bole’s participation in New Zealand.

“Bole’s visit has built a new bridge of hope in sports, youths and community service.

“It shows other countries that Fiji is still a paradise and we as Fiji citizens should be proud of our country,” said Sahu Khan.

The icing on the cake was when Fiji was ranked number one out of the 17 participating countries during their winning proposal titled “RED CARD! OUR FIGHT AGAINST HIV/AIDS” and was one of the four countries that received a $20,000USD grant.

The Fiji proposal was presented by Fiji youth delegate and sports ambassador Rosa Dalituicama who highlighted the need to integrate sports into promotional awareness campaigns in trying to bring about behavioral change to people living with HIV & AIDS.

Earlier last week, Oceania Federation Committee Tai Nicholas said he was delighted Bole was allowed to attend, considering the travel restrictions in place since the military coup.

“Sport can be used as a tool to bring unity and we are seeing that in practice with this youth and sports conference and sports ministers meeting.

“We would like to thank the New Zealand Government for their role in allowing Bole to attend,” said Nicholas.

The meeting involved 10 ministers from across the Pacific hosted by OFC as part of the inaugural Pacific Youth and Sports Conference which saw around 800 young people from 17 countries taking part.-Fiji Sun


Anonymous said...

These people laughing at New Zealand

Anonymous said...

I agree they are laughing, why are we crawling to a Military Regime and its human rights violations.

I noticed that most NZ TV coverage calls them the interim government, As a NZder I'm disgusted with NZ atitude are we afraid they wont take our aid money?