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Monday, March 15, 2010

Cyclone Tomas curfew criticised

Cyclone Tomas appears to be testing the abilities of Fiji's interim government.

The Category Four storm last night forced the self-appointed government of Frank Bainimarama to impose a curfew, with only essential services free to move around. 

The curfew has today been criticised by some people in Fiji and New Zealand, who are worried that people won't be able to get to the evacuation centres with it in place.

One man told us many of the people likely to be hit by Cyclone Tomas, live in rural or coastal areas and would be stuck without taxis or buses.

The same man also says people have now been told to bring their own bedding and food to the evacuation centres.

"They can take their bedding but we are already in an economic recession. Surely, officials can come up with provisions? We're just talking about fish and noodles, just like a soup kitchen."

Coupfourpointfve has been told by one other person, he's stunned at Bainimarama telling the country's disaster management agency, DISMAC, not to use schools as evacuation centres.

"There's a school in every village and everyone knows that's where you go, so what's with DISMAC not using the schools?"

It wasn't immediately clear why Bainimarama was so concerned about the schools but FijiLive quoted him this afternoon as saying schools should resume immeidately and that military and police are to clean up them up as soon as Operation Cyclone Tomas finishes.

Fijilive also quoted DISMAC official, Anthony Blake, as saying police and soldiers are to ensure that all school buildings are looked after properly ‘and not damaged by evacuees’.

Another curfew is in place for tonight from eight o'clock, until early tomorrow morning.


Anonymous said...

A curfew for some rain and wind? The jittery regime is jumping at shadows. This indian supported coup is becoming a joke. The sooner the real cleanout starts the better!! Cassava patch runner will be off faster than a mongoose!!!

Anonymous said...

Curfew, curfew and more curfew! That's the only action that this regime is familiar with.

If there's any disturbance of any nature at all-the solution is curfew, curfew and more curfew!

Even if there is a cyclone - curfew is the answer!

God help Fiji!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

They should curfew cyclone Tomas lol