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Friday, March 26, 2010

Democracy Movement sends second caution to Fiji government

The Fiji Democracy Movement in Australia has fired another salvo at the interim government.
The group recently sent a petition to the interim government saying it had 600,000 supporters calling for a return to democracy.
It has now sent the following letter to the military government of Frank Bainimarama, again urging it to do right by the people.
Suli Daunitutu, one of the organisers of the letter and the petition, told Coupfourpointfive the movement intends to keep the pressure of Bainimarama.
He says their recent petition was very effective, despite efforts by Bainimarama to dismiss it and downplay the number of signatures it had and the wide support it represented.

Canberra, ACT
15th March 2010

This letter serves as a reminder of your untenable position in this illegal regime. As such it is also a request for you to reconsider your position by taking into account the ramifications of your contribution to our Nation. It has been three years and two months since the Regime took over the democratically elected SDL government. In that time, a lot of things have happened with most bearing negative results.

As you might be aware, a petition was handed over to the Interim Prime Minister by the Nadaku family, demanding a return to the polls this year. That petition was accompanied by a letter with representation of more than 600,000 citizens and friends of Fiji who endorsed the idea.

The recent UN Human Rights Council in Geneva was also of the idea that Fiji’s human rights violations has to stop, and that a democratically elected government was in the best interest of the people and the economy of the country. There was unanimous vote from the council that Fiji lacked basic human rights and the need for the restoration of democracy was extensive.

The Commonwealth, PIF, EU, Australia, NZ have isolated themselves from Fiji as a result of the takeover and will only fully commit to Fiji’s recovery if the requested election took place this year.

This letter serves as a follow up to the petition, and the peoples’ voice has been heard. If you ignore this request than it could be used against you later in a court of law, as you have been advised and forewarned about the illegal administration you are serving.

I am requesting that you forfeit your position in this administration and refrain from taking part in further activities proposed by this interim government. Your participation does not assist our country in any way but rather confirms your position as a coup apologist.

The state of the country’s economy, the world’s concern, increasing isolation from our Pacific Island neighbours, the sugar industry and EU funding are but just a few of these reasons for an election that the Regime is ignoring, choosing to upgrade infrastructure which has seen them go on a borrowing spree. Their request for a $1billion loan from the IMF compounds this.

The Nation cannot afford to be like this any longer. The longer we have this Regime running the government the longer the people will suffer and our state of affairs deteriorate

Suliasi Daunitutu


Anonymous said...

Suggest Suli Daunitutu & Co lobby Stephen Smith & his DFAT wunderkinds - query why the position of Pacific Island Secretariat(vacated a very long time ago by the incompetent Duncan Kerr)still remains unfilled?

Anonymous said...

Thank you FDN for keeping up the pressure on this useless money wasting thief.
He was given the last lifeboat, by the Methodist Church, to escape his final judgement, but he was too thick headed, and too proud to give in to God's saving Grace.
Now he has gone to ther extent of turning his back and saying that there shall be "No more talk".
God told Moses that the Hebrews shall witness the destruction of the Egyptians.
Waraka !!! Namaka!!!

Girmit said...

Good on you Suli for keeping the pressure on!

But I hate to say this mate, it won't work. Franky doesn't give a damm what people think. He won't give a damm about your letter too.

It's good for the principle of it all, but that's all you'll get.

Nothing will change in Fiji until Frank Bainimarama and his cronies are removed.

Anonymous said...

He is likely to dismiss the letter as more toilet paper. This people here have become so hardened nothing and no one can get thru to them, not the people of Fiji, NZ and Australia, the international community, the EU, the South Pacific Forum, etc etc etc etc etc etc

Anonymous said...

Keep on keeping on!

Anonymous said...

If Frank was to leave tomorrow - whether willingly or be turfed out, would Fiji have a leader/ leaders ready to step in and rescue the country from the quagmire it is currently in?

Sadly, the answer is not very encouraging. Leaders who have put up their hands are few and far between ...Professor Narsey, Netani Rika, Suli Daunitutu, Vilise (did we miss anyone?).

While the silent majority stand ready,depressingly there is not a leader in Fiji at the moment courageous,steadfast, stoic and dynamic enough to harness that most potent of weapons - the people's power. People's power is harmless and quite redundant unless it is harnessed, channelled and nurtured into a socio-political conduit for positive changes beneficial to all. Fiji therefore is in deperate need of a leader/leaders who has/have those qualities (above) in addition to being visionaries as well as strategists.

Until Fiji is graced with such leaders, the country will remain in bondage to this band of rogue usurpers!

Anonymous said...

So are we looking for an Obama of the Pacific?

Anonymous said...

To Anonymous 9.29pm ... you are right things are discouraging. but i would hate tho think that we condone military rule and accept that we will forever live at the mercy of the rogue usurpers. i would like to think this is not the case and that fiji will find its strenght, its feet and its leaders.

Anonymous said...

Re harnessing people power - i would've thought the trade unions could be nurturing some future leaders. we certainly can't look to the churches to proffer any leadership or vision after their idiocy this week

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 10.24pm. Willingly or under duress, we cannot deny that we are condoning military rule. How? Through inertia, apathy, lethargy and passivity!!! How long we accept their rule is exactly the point of my post above and is the central question we need to be asking ourselves! Forever is a long long time...

I too pray for the day that Fiji will find its heart, its mind, ears and voice. While I have the utmost respect for him, I do not think we need an 'Obama'; we just need a Fiji leader/leaders with his/her/their heart, mind and soul in the right place to lead the multitude out of servitude.

While we wreck our brains for what we can do to reclaim our beloved Fiji from the clutches of this band of rogue usurpers, I would like to caution that violence is not always nor the only answer! So far, the rogue usurpers have managed to outsmart, outthink and outmanouver us all. The capitulation of the Methodist hierarchy underscores this! What to do then leaders and multitude ask?

In response, let me share with you a message from my church today. Our Pastor told the congregation "Know your enemy, the devil(s) we are up against is/are smart and cunning! Unless we know our enemy/enemies, we can never hope to win!!!" Yes, we need to be smarter, we need to strategise smarter to beat them! To do that we need to firstly, know our enemy/enemies. Do we?

Anonymous said...

@ Anon 6.

Easy - the exiled Roko Tui Bau.

Anonymous said...

Here is your enemy - The United Nations. Do you know anyone in Fiji with better brains against the collective brains of the UN? This illegal regime does not the have the brains to do what they are doing. The UN just needs ignorant willing stooges willing to be corrupted.

Anonymous said...

@ Anonymous 7:11pm...For the past three years, we have buried our heads too deeply and too long in the sand to be able to see/think clearly.

Blaming the UN is the convenient easy and cowardly way out. Why? Because it allows you to continue your escapist slumber in Frank's la-la land. Your responsibility and duty? Forget it, the 'hand-out mentality' is too far ingrained in the soul!!! With that kind of mentality and attitude, little wonder that Frank's tyranny grows more lethal day by day! UN stooges - yeah right! Willing to be corrupted? These rogue usurpers? Give me a break!!!

"Know your enemy," the good Pastor admonished! Obviously you have no clue, NO CLUE AT ALL! Why else, after three years, you still insist that the rogue usurpers are a bunch of fools! As long as you continue to treat them like fools, they will continue to make a fool of you. DO NOT EVER UNDERESTIMATE YOUR ENEMY!!! Continue to do so at your own peril my friend.

It is time to get your head out of the sand my friend. Playing the pathetic 'lilliputian' will only prolong our misery under this tyrannical junta!

Anonymous said...

The UN is your enemy. Take a good look at the photo of your PM, your President and their wives at your white house under the banner of your Queen of England. The crown on her head belongs to the vatican. That's who they serve. Rome. In the beginning of this coup, the catholic heads all came out in support of your beloved juntas. They still do.The UN is the right arm of the vatican to bring about all nations for the one world order using the military to achieve their goal through religion. Fiji is not the first. But you have NO CLUE obviously you still think its just a power hungry pack of juntas. Get to know your enemy if you can. You are not deceitful enough against their secrets and deceitful might. As long as they are behind your pig, he is smarter then anyone in fiji. There's nothing you and yours can do about it. They have what You don't have . Its called time. This power has been around thousands of years working their system. 2014 doesn't worry them at all. As for you instead of making your self miserable waiting for your only you know what, go to the village, plant cassava, dalo yam. Go fishing. Be happy forget about your city. Its now the city of fallen angels. So get out of the city. Its not safe, especially when you have NO CLUE.

Anonymous said...

By the way, does your pastor know his enemy? There is only one Good Pastor.All else have mushroom heads.

Anonymous said...

My...my...my, such hoity-toity hocus-pocus...Who's there? Who's there?...Show yourself...Who's there?

By the way, note that it's good Pastor not Good Pastor!!!

As for going to the village, I think that is an excellent idea - lead on mate...I love my village sojourn - good for the soul and (sometimes) for the pocket!!!

Just for my peace of mind (since i dont have a clue) what has happened to that community somewhere past Naboro...in thatched stuctures...