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Friday, March 19, 2010

Employers under no obligation to pay

Fiji employers don't have to pay workers who didn't get to work because of Cyclone Tomas.

The Ministry of Labour says employers are under no obligation to pay  for those two days because it wasn't their fault.

Fiji Live quotes the Ministry's director of labour and compliance, Sadrugu Ramagimagi, as saying  the storm was an “act of God”.

“Occurrence of things beyond our control leads to employers not being able to provide employment, eventually resulting in no pay being given out,” he said.

Ramagimagi said the Government’s announcement that next Monday’s National Youth Day public holiday would now be a normal working day would make up for the days people had lost.

He said people should not be complaining. It was obvious they could not work when there is a natural disaster because they would have to choose between work and their safety.

Eidtor's Note: This story was originally attributed to Fiji Village, when it should've been Fij Live. Apologies.


Anonymous said...

Is this true? I am not aware of this happening before.

Anonymous said...

An act of God or Fiji being punished! Thank you Voreqe.

Anonymous said...

Bound to be a lot of people affected and upset. Has this been verified

We need democracy ASAP said...

What does the coup apologist and dead set idiot Father Barr have to say about this?
Obviously the economic situation in Fiji under these coup monkeys with guns is worse than we realise?

Anonymous said...

Can anything be done about this. Fiji bankrupt and now workers out of pocket! *&*&%

Anonymous said...

Does this include the public servants who were told to stay home

Anonymous said...

what is the importance/significace of the reserve bank declaring a bank holiday on monday and tuesday.is it a case of jumping the gun.

Anonymous said...

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Radiolucas said...

I think C4 has an ardent admirer here.

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