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Monday, March 8, 2010

Guilty 8 Assessors Identified

Coupfourpointfive can tonight reveal the identities of the five assessors in the conspiracy trial of 8 men, including high chief Ratu Inoke Takiveikata.

All 8 were last week found guilty by the five assessors and Justice Paul Madigan
of conspiring to kill military commander and the regime's self-appointed Prime Minister, Frank Bainimarama.  Their sentences ranged between 7 years and 3 years.

Coupfourpointfive can also confirm tonight the assessors were chosen by Ana Rokomokoti. Rokomokoti holds the rank of a Major in the army and is Chief Registrar as well as Chief Magistrate.

Sources say it is highly unethical for an army officer (who was appointed by the military in the first place to the position) to choose the assessors for a trial involving the military, in this case her boss, Commodore Bainimarama.

The five assessors are:

1. Sainimili Miller Smith (Date of birth 19/3/1956) F/N William Miller. She is the wife of Fiji hockey team coach Hector Smith.

2. Gabriel Bingwor (Date of birth unknown) F/N James Bingwor. He is believed to be in his late 30's and works for a shipping agency.

3. Ravuama Tuinavanua (Date of birth 28/10/1981) F/N Ravuama Tuinavanua Snr. He is believed to be an employee of Fiji National Provident Fund.

4. Salis Anita Devi (Date of birth 11/3/1967) F/N Dwarka Prasad.

5. Kushma Wati Dutia (Date of borth 19/9/1960) F/N Brij Mohan.

At least 3 of the assessors or their family have close acquaitance with Commodore Bainimarama, either through friendship or as a former student of Marist Brothers High School. Bainimarama is an ex-student.


TheMax said...

How could you even say that some of the assessors families are closely related to Bainimarama? How disgraceful for you to even allude to links between the assessors and Bainimarama. As far as I know, most of the Bingwors went to St John's College in Ovalau.

This blog is disgraceful and you just might put innocent people's lives at risk for publishing their names.

I hope I get the chance to expose who the writers of this article is. I'm getting there soon to expose who you are. Mark my word.

Coup 4.5 said...

No reason for the assesors to be hiding, they're supposed to be doing legitimate of the interim government, so why shouldn't people know who they are? Unless they got something to hide? Editor C4

Anonymous said...

Why cant they use reputable, mature people in a high profile case?
It does not matter where you go to scool, Marist and St. Johms have always been very close schools.

Anonymous said...

The point here is that it was one of Frank's puppets who selected the Jury. That alone reeks of conviction by design!

Whoever has heard that an army officer appointed the jury which will sit to hear allegations of attempted assasination of her boss!

Only in Fiji! Disgraceful!!!!!

Anonymous said...

What utter rubbish, the writer would be referred to as a s--t stirrer in most Fiji circles.

Anonymous said...

Is this Gabbie the son of Wanna & Jim Bingwor of Nailuva road? Wow! then it must be a monkeys' court case!

Anonymous said...

@ the Max, just get yourself ready for your new home - Naboro Max...

And YOU will be exposed in time for the FRAUD that you are - hiding behind some pseudonym whilst supporting the illegal, abusive military junta and its obvious excesses.

Not only are you disgraceful, you're a coward,
you're cheap,
and you stink to the high heavens like your pseudonym, which btw suits you to the max, given your next place of residence at Naboro Max!

Read our lips - YOU WILL BE EXPOSED.

MARK MY WORDS!!! said...

2The Max
Now Max just settle down. Your hollow threats are starting to sound like bainiwheresmymama and your cousie bro dribbling driti. Just go out the back and give your goat a little nudge from the rear - that always relaxes you.
Next you'll be telling us the 'intell boys have a sat phone' or Lord Haw Haw of Horo nursing home is going to smack our bottoms!! Speaking of bottoms what happened to all the young boys in shorts on Lord Haw Haw's blog?

TheMax said...

@ Anonymous

At least I got a pseudonym unlike you who do not. So who is the bigger coward?

It is obvious that Coup 4.5 would not publish my reply to Pacific in the Media.

It's a shame that this blog would not publish my reply yet would like to advocate for fairness and transparency.

You guys are just exacerbating the problems in regards to media censorship and are not helping the cause for a free media.

If someone needs to be afraid of being exposed and going to Naboro, it will be you anonymous. Coward.

Unknown said...

Pacific Media - yes the people have the right to know the details of Assessors - they cannot hide anything because in fact,they have never hiden anything - and they are clean and independent people - FYI, they were not handpicked to be Assessors - they applied for such important posts and were selected based on their knowledge of human affairs.They were selected for any trial on the condition that they don't have any relations with the accused, prosecution and defence. Perhaps you should get your facts right before contributing to this forum.
To "Anonymous" - you have no case to answer - your choice of vulgar words shows how unattractive you are.
We may have one or two reservations against the current administration but we must unite and contribute positively in moving our country forward.

Anonymous said...

Post a photo of each assessor and their addresses. Make them worry for their own safety, a payback for their roles.

No Rule of Law in Fiji said...

These coup sympathising assessors have taken an illegal oath. They are administering military justice against freedom fighting Fijian patriots. They have committed a terrible act of treason against their own people. It is good such people are known for when proper justice finally returns to Fiji.

Anonymous said...

You sound like the inside man...know it all.

The trial was a show and nothing else...monkey justice. When following the trial i noted that the prosecution evidence failed to prove anything apart from the fact that it was Military Intel. that cooked up the plot and presented it to the accused.

We cunt unite under this regime...you dreaming or what? There is no moving forward under this regime only backwards.

KAIVITI said...

pls note that military intel was not the only evidence given on court....the staff of sofitel / van driver / etc gave statements and evidences that the meeting at sofitel in nadi did happen and ballu and inoke were present in there...porter and another staff confirmed inoke was there..assasination issues were discussed therein....FYI, evidences were not from Military intel only THANK YOU...even FEOKO GADEKIBAU confirmed that meetings were held and issues discussed (now thats the accused telling it all in his caution interview which was read in court)....mills confirmed training meeting held in wailase....they are all guilty....GUILTYYY..good for them....

Mongoose said...

Kaiviti is a funny name for a mynah bird?
You are not related to Salis Anita Devi or Kushma Wati Dutia are you?
the war against Fijian patriots is a long way from being over yet.

To Max, the escapee from Naboro Max.. said...

Oi Max, the truth hurts eh?

Y'see Max from Nab, COWARDS are LOSERS like you, who hide behind thugs with guns and still don't hve the courage of their conviction to put their names next to their never-ending praises of the military junta.


SO what's the deal LOSER? Are you on the take, getting paid in kindness or just plainly prostituting yourself since you can NEVER be somebody without your dick-taker-ship.

You poor depraved loser, what a sorry case you present here...I don't even wanna think even looking in your direction in real life - pathetic loser..

Anonymous said...

@Naboro Max

Why would anyone in their right mind publish your rubbish? Losers like you belong with that crinkly old wheezer Croz Walsh. Go back to his blog. At the rate he's going, so obsessed with Fiji's affairs whilst retirement life in NZ passes him by, tut...tut... we will not be sorry to hear of his last wheeze. LOL.

Anonymous said...

@ kwacinivatu volitaki - now that's utterly ugly.

Hiding behind a pseudonym says it all for you - you have no ass to sit on. I rest my case.