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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Khan hits out at Madigan comment

Ballu Khan and his lawyer have denied he had anything to do with the plot to assasinate Frank Banimarama and say he should should not have even been mentioned in the court case against the eight men, who have been found guilty of trying to kill the military leader.

Khan (pictured left) told New Zealand media today that it was wrong for Justice Paul Madigan to have linked him to the case yesterday when he found the men guilty.

In delivering the verdict of the five assessors, Justice Madigan said: "I am satisfied beyond reasonable doubt each of you conspired with others and Ballu Khan to murder Commodore Bainimarama."

A short time ago, Khan told TV One News the claim was outrageous.

Earlier, he told other media: "We never planned anything, they [the military] came up with the plan and it was like they themselves were planning something. We were the collateral in case something went wrong."

Khan was arrested and severely beaten by authorities two years ago, but won a permanent stay of proceedings against him.

In theory, he cannot be retried, but Fiji courts are working by military decree now and Justice Madigan was appointed under those circumstances.

Justice Madigan accepted evidence from Fiji Military Intelligence that Khan was going to use arms and explosives from New Zealand.

The Fiji High Court was also told the New Zealand High Commission knew of the plot and supported it. The plotting was said to have taken place in Mr Khan's Suva home, which he denies.

Khan's New Zealand lawyer, Peter Williams, QC, travelled to Fiji to help secure Khan's release and bring him back to Auckland. Tonight, he supported Khan's comment the Fiji High Court had no legal evidence to connect him to the failed assasination plot.


  1. bringbhainisreigntoaquickendMarch 5, 2010 at 10:08 AM

    I have never blogged before, but after some reflection have decided I cannot overcome my strong need to share my feelings among those who I believe to be like-minded on the need for Fiji's immediate return to democracy.

    I got back from a visit last week. It was my first visit in almost four years and I can only say that I have been left numb by the experience. I have seen (and heard) for myself more than enough to understand very fully that the Bainimarama experiment has taken our country from the frying pan into the fire. It is nothing short of a complete disaster.

    The one thing that's clear to me is that for the good of everyone the Frank Bainimarama dictatorship must be brought to an end as soon as is humanly possible. Otherwise, the damage to the economy and the society will be even more horrendous. I honestly believe that no matter what or who succeeds Bainimarama, it could take generations to repair, not years.

    I also believe that the bringing down of the Bainimarama dictatorship must be accomplished legally and without violence. So if anyone who shares this belief is reading this, I would like to hear their thoughts on how one goes about this.

    For my own part, I have a few rough ideas which I intend to develop more fully then share with other bloggers.

  2. You should not be surprised. What do you expect from a military appointed Judge? He is just as corrupt as his bosses!

    Nobody gets a fair trial in Fiji.

  3. madigan was appointed by the military junta. his judgement will be biased in favour of those who appointed him, otherwise he's out of a job. there is no such thing as a free lunch, the honourable (and i use the term loosely) judge knows which side his bread is buttered. therefore he can't afford to bite the hand that feeds him. that same hand will slap him if he puts a foot wrong. there's no interference in the judiciary, the judiciary is independent...yeah right...!!! pull the other one...!!

  4. Of course, the real question is why would Ballu Khan choose to get involved in this? In addition, what would be the motive for NZ to get involved in an assasination attempt? NZ is about Greenpeace, sheep and lamingtons - not espionage and crude assassinations. How would Ballu Khan purchase guns and explosives from NZ? Who would sell military hardware in NZ?

    As far as I know the Military have never come up with a satisfactory answer to this.

    It all sounds too complex and too good to be true.

    It sounds more like a simple case of misdirection by a Military Dictatorship seekign to justify their actions.

    More than likely it was a setup run by the Military (witnesses entrapping the accused) in order to show that NZ / Aust / Politicians etc were a threat to Fiji's sovereignty and accordingly, to attempt to justify Bainimarama's treason and bald-headed stupidity.

  5. Hm hm.. that's quiet interessting but actually i have a hard time understanding it... I'm wondering what others have to say....


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