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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Khan under Fiji police eye again

Fiji media are reporting local police are looking at the stay of proceedings that was granted to Ballu Khan.

The revisiting of Khan's case is not surprising, after Justice Paul Madigan declared in court last week, during the trial of eight men for plotting to kill interim prime minister, Frank Bainimarama, that Khan masterminded the plot.

Madigan said in his sentencing that he had no doubt the plot was “hatched by, orchestrated by, and directed by Mr Khan, probably in concert with his business partner, the first accused Naitasiri paramount chief Ratu Inoke Takiveikata”.

The writing was on the wall then for Khan, who told New Zealand media Madigan's comments were bizarre, reminding everyone he'd been cleared of any wrongdoing.

He must've known Fiji police would try to have a go at him. His lawyer, Peter Williams, QC, would've picked up very quickly on that, too, so there was sense in talking to the media. Publicity served Khan well in 2007, when he was beaten and put under curfew by the military regime. It didn't go unnoticed, that much was made of him being a "New Zealander". Great protection, otherwise he would've gone the way of the Guilty Eight.

Khan was charged with the eight men but was acquitted in 2008 by Justice Andrew Bruce on the grounds his rights were breached by Police and Military officers when he was detained for a substantial period of time after his arrest in November 2007. Justice Bruce also put a permanent stay on all proceedings against Khan.

Khan was ably represented by New Zealand lawyer, Williams, who whisked him back to safety in Auckland. Khan has wisely stayed out of Fiji since.

The Police Commissioner, Esala Teleni, is being quoted today as saying he would have to consult with the Director of Public Prosecutions to see if pursuing Khan was legally possible.

Picture credit: Khan arriving back at Auckland International Airport in November 2008. NZPA

Editor's Note: Peter Williams (right) told Radio New Zealand International a short time ago that there is no question of Khan being extradited, even if new charges were filed. He sys the extradition would only happen if New Zealand recognised the self-appointed government of Fiji, which it doesn't.


Anonymous said...

Is Teleni serious abut justice?
Why dont you look into the Military side of plotting the assasination attempt.
Are you too scared of the big guns?
Start at home first.

Anonymous said...

Teleni's ego is as big as his stomach

Anonymous said...

so who's gonna go over to NZ and escort Ballu Khan to Fiji, Teleni, Voreqe or Madigan? Bahut bhat, sala khutia!

Anonymous said...

the first place is that there is no way any state or prosecutions can proceed with the case as they have to identify reasoning and well why dont those who deprived Ballu Khans right be charged and Prosecuted First.
Dont make bullshit stories bullshit govt

Andanymuse said...

Makes me wonder where I can get a copy or download of ballu's infamous sex tape with his wife

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