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Saturday, March 13, 2010

Leading by example or flogging lies?

It's been a time of  preaching by the interim government.

Top brass and Commodore Frank Bainimarama have been quick this week to both remind Fiji citizens of the virtues of staying on the straight and narrow and to say they lead by example.

In the aftermath of the conviction and the sentencing of the Guilty Eight, Land Force Commander, Brigadier-General Pita Driti, said people should never interfere with the rule of law.

Referring to former special forces soldiers Feoko Gadekibau, Barbados Mills, Eparama Waqatairewa, Kaminieli Vosavere and Pauliasi Ramulo, Driti said: “This group of men had wronged their loyalty to higher command in 2000 and they have again wronged but this time with misdirected loyalty, in other words, they were loyal to the wrong group”.

Driti said “forgiveness is always there for these boys, especially if they had proven to us that they were remorseful”.

Fiji Military Forces Chief-of-Staff Brigadier-General, Mohammed Aziz, was another at pains to present squeaky clean. In confirming that ten Fiji Military Forces instructors had been sacked for having sexual relations with female cadets, Aziz said they had to go because the military must lead by example. “We will make sure that we maintain discipline in the force,” he said.

Self-appointed prime minister and military leader, Frank Bainimarama, was quick to jump on the bandwagon saying any civil servants found engaging in extra-marital affairs would also be sacked:  “We will not tolerate such behaviour from those employed by Government."

Not to be outdone, police hierarchy sought to persuade the rank and file to apply the Jesus standard in their work. The Jesus Strategy was introduced last year by Police Commissioner, Commodore Esala Teleni.

Two senior officers this week said officers should strive to be like Jesus, saying the Son of God was not lazy and did not lie. One of them attributed the drop in crime to Teleni's strategy and Christian Crusades. 

In the case of VitiFM and its talk back show on the Crime Degree and gay marriage, the Information Ministry is clearly out for blood. Lieutenant Colonel Neumi Leweni wants an investigation and broadcast media must also submit talk show topics a week ahead.

No doubt VitiFM will be in for severe flogging for 'misleading the public and causing instability.' All very Old Worlde and Talebanish falsities from people with feet of clay.

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Anonymous said...

Continually find c4's and the publics continued critical comments about the current regime baffling? & in my personal case as a creative writer - unhelpful.
(can't wait for next instalment - what they'll do next?).

Honestly if anyone submitted what has transpired within the past couple of years within Fiji(characters that have emerged) people would laugh at you.

Umm??? Musical???Comedy???
Any blog suggestions?
Synopsis? Title?