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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Less of the flights of fancy, please

New Zealand and Australia did the neighbourly thing in helping Fiji this week as storm winds of about 200kilometres an hour tore through the island groups.

Whether this leads to more amiable relations depends less on the gestures of the two regional super powers and more on the integrity and intent of Fiji's self-appointed leader and his advisors.

Frank Bainimarama has had little to say about the quick support of New Zealand and Australia, other than to agree it was "very good, very good", when asked by a reporter to say something this week.

Much of the analysis and the over enthusiastic praise (and sentiments of hope) in the past few days has come from New Zealand and Australian observers, with the Fiji hierarchy  remaining typically aloof.

These are unusual times but the status quo has not changed: Bainimarama and his cohorts  have a long way to go to prove they deserve the support of the international community.

As Australia's Foreign Affairs Minister, Stephen Smith, said yesterday: 'We, of course, have a strong difference with the Fiji interim government. But we have no difference with the Fiji people and no difficulty in rendering Fiji, the people of Fiji, humanitarian assistance, as we have in the past.”

New Zealand and Australia’s support this week is a qualified one, and that’s the way it needs to stay until Bainimarama does right by the people.


ex Fiji tourist said...

If anyone has any doubts about the integrity of bananasinpyjamas, this story should support those fears.

""A government vessel will ship emergency relief supplies to Fiji’s northern division after Prime Minister Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama inspects what is on board once he returns from a visit to cyclone-hit areas in the region.""

So a relief vessel sits idle in harbour whilst people elsewhere are desperately needing supplies.

The ship is idle so that bananasinpyjamas can get his picture in the sun [ sorry comedy sheet ] tomorrow.

Meanwhile a number of people will have serious repercussions because an egotistical maniac held up relief efforts from ANZ so that he could be noticed.

Surely the assistance to the needy should be paramount; not a photo opportunity.

Anonymous said...

The mind of a monkey is not made to rule coz it has the inclination of jumping around like an idiot, making noices to be noticed.