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Saturday, March 13, 2010

Leweni says talk backs still violating PER

The Fiji Broadcasting Corporation says a new edict has come down from the Ministry of Information and it's that all broadcast media teams now have to forward their talkback show topics one week in advance of the show going to air.

FBC says the edict came from Lieutenant Colonel Neumi Leweni (pictured  left) on Thursday. Leweni is quoted as saying the government continues to have concerns over talkback shows hosted by local radio and television stations, as some of the topics selected have directly contravened the Public Emergency Regulations.

The new edict follows a news item on same sex marriage aired on VitiFM, which Leweni has asked the police to investigate.

Leweni believes the item wrongly stated the new Crime Decree had approved gay marriage and says the station could've easily created instability.

Coupfourpointifve understands print media is working under similar restrictions. One paper was this week kept waiting as censors went through copy wth a knife, slashing even letters in support of the gay community and a piece on population economics by Wadan Narsey.


Anonymous said...

Why even have the University of the South Pacific in Fiji if you don't want the young to think and speak freely

Anonymous said...

good lord same sex not to be broadcast because it can easily create instability???? what kind of Bull crap is that???
why not get a Gay man to run up your salanitapi then well..... we can def class that as abusing your stupid PER.

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