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Monday, March 29, 2010

Bainimarama: Church has failed Fiji

The work of reconciliation, fighting poverty and removing racism from Fiji has been taken up by the government, as the church has failed in doing this work, Methodist church leaders have been told.

Prime Minister Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama made the statement to church leaders when he met with them last week.

Bainimarama said the military had to step in to do what they did, as they saw that the church was failing to do its part, but concentrating more on politics.

He however promised church leaders that he would not intervene with the administration of the church as he did with the Great Council of chiefs – but the church must now look at how it can get back on track.

Bainimarama also told church ministers that some within their ranks, together with a number of chiefs in the country were acting as if they were God – expecting to be served by the people.

He said it was government, not the church or the chiefs, that would develop the country, but everyone could play a part in building the nation.

Meanwhile, the Methodist Church Assistant General Secretary Reverend Tevita Nawadra has called on the government to provide proof of their current involvement in politics, saying government was talking about the past.

“The proof should be shown. There are so many allegations. We have been asking them to show us the proof that we are involved in that. If they are bringing old issues from a few years ago, that has passed.”-Fiji Broadasting Corporation.

Editor's Note: Below is Bainimarama talking to church leaders at the meeting where they were told the Church must stop getting involved in politics and change its direction.
Click here to listen to the address Bainimarama made to church leaders.
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And Fiji Methodist Church leaders are to meet with the interim government for a second time.
The church leaders are expected to meet this week with the Police Commissioner, Commodore Esala Teleni, with the Fiji Broadcasting Corporation saying the meeting has been confirmed by the church's acting general secretary, the Reverend Tevita Nawadra.
FBC says the meeting may be over the Church's request to hold public meetings, which is subject to police approval under the Public Emergency Regulations.
Fiji Live is today reporting that Nawadra has said there had been no word from the two ministers since they were asked to step down last week.
Fiji Live has tried to get in touch with them and says Tugaue has been out of reach while Waqairatu has told it he is thinking about the matter and will comment later.
Nawadra is also reported as saying there was reluctance among some members of the leadership for a change, the decision to do so was later agreed to unanimously.


Anonymous said...

Cut out the crap...who cares how many times they meet? They should meet in a vale ni vo...coz dats what dey are.

Anonymous said...

Man I dunt know whar is happening? They wanna take it all...religion, rugby,pani and vale vo...Voreqe u got it all.

Anonymous said...

Wailei Kemu kece ga yani Voreqe
bloody kocokoco lol

Girmit said...

Oh come on Franky, what a load of bull. All the different churches in Fiji have always been trying to bring peace and unity, I haven't heard of a church trying to incite violence etc.

Just excuses to get into power.

Radiolucas said...

Sooner or later he will start accusing Jesus and the Bible of "inciting political debate".

Then he will abolish all religions and make himself the new God.

Perhaps this is his final goal in the mad, mad world of Emperor Frank and his 100 year I-Wrote-It-On-A-Napkin-Plan.

Bainis mum said...

The only thing that has failed Fiji is the totally useless and redundant Fiji military!!