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Friday, March 26, 2010

Military govt spokesman says 'so be it' to Methodist Church decision to ask top two officials to resign

The spokesman for the Fiji military government has responded with a "so be it" to the deicison by Methodist  Church elders to ask its president, Ame Tugaue, and his general secretary, Tuikilakila Waqairatu, to vacate their positions.

Neumi Leweni has told the Fiji Sun “now that they have made the decision to ask the top two leaders to step aside, surely we will support it."

The Sun quotes Leweni saying: “It is their decision and they know that the Prime Minister had asked them to find a way out and if this is their decision, so be it.”

Tugaue and Waqairatu were asked to step down yesterday, less than 12 hours after 130 Methodist Church elders met with Voreqe Bainimarama and his aides.

At the meeting, elders were told the church had no place getting involved in politics and needed to change direction. A statement from government later had Leweni saying : “Prime Minister Bainimarama said the Government’s concern has always been with the few leaders of the church who have been and continue to be fully engrossed with politics."

The Fiji Sun has the assistant general secretary, Reverend Tevita Nawadra, today saying that after the meeting with Bainimarama, senior ministers had no option but to ask Tugaue and Waqairatu to vacate their office.

Nawadra told the paper Methodist Church leaders gathered at the Centenary Church after meeting with Bainimarama and it was there that it was suggested they support the Government by working with it.

He said most of the discussions were based on the future of the church and the need to move forward.

Nawadra said church ministers agreed they could only move forward if the church agreed with the Government. "This is the only solution the church has at this point in time because most of the senior ministers have agreed to work with the State,” he said.

Nawadra said some ministers asked Tugaue and Waqairatu to step down, saying it was in the best interests of the church. “The only option for the church now is for them to willingly resign from their position. They have asked for time to think about it and will come back to us."


Anonymous said...

All these ministers are apostate, there is no truth or light in them. These are the kind that crucified our Lord to the cross with the govt.

Girmit said...

This is another ploy by Frank Bainimarama to control every section of Fiji.

The Methodist Church was becoming a threat to him and could have rallied people against him.

So what to do, simple, get rid of the leaders and put in people who will follow Bainimarama's rules, sound familiar? Yes the same thing he's done in the civil service and judicial service.

Anonymous said...

How do you comprehend a man that declares war on the Lotu and expects victory?

Discombobulated Bubu said...

I have said it b4 and now here is the proof - the current Methodist Church so called leaders have no backbones, no understanding of the oppressive & evil forces that are treading us into the ground.

They have no faith, are devoid of common sense and morals , are canoes without oars, and have no God in their empty forlorn godforsaken lives .

They have not looked for the truth, not stood up for their people.

Instead selling their souls to the devil himself. Like sheep when the devil said jump, not only did they lie down to be jumped on, they offered to be slaughtered, barbecued and snuffed out ......

These men are no shepherds to their congregations, and they deserve every bit of what they get if their parishioners all defect to Atu and Teleni's Godless cult.

They will forever go down in history as stupid gutless fools & incompetent imbeciles.

Anonymous said...

well they are not only imbeciles but heathens to the extreme of its good riddance bad rubbish to them and Also to Ratu Sunuka himself... Bainivuaka the swine..

All of this commotion can just being solved by getting rid of him FB. lets be honest here he aint going to hand back government?? and def there will be no election come 2014 because he will blame other parties and those who made it harder for him and other countries and for heaven sake why don't someone do fiji a favour and get rid of this vermin or someone from overseas will do it please .. for FIJI's sake and its younger generation ... ENOUGH IS ENOUGH

Anonymous said...

Beware the wrath of God!

Anonymous said...

Onward Fijiian singers, marching as to war,
With the hymns of Jesus, going on before.
Tenors and sopranos, bass and altos we,
Finding we are guided in perfect harmony.
We are not in discord, one we raise our song,
Joining as one army, as we march along.
Those who would repel us, tell us to shut up
Will imbibe but dregs from Satan's deepest cup.
While the angels' trumpets herald our vocal glee,
We strum harps united in strains of victory.
No one can deny us, our chorus it is loud
Up to the Throne in Heaven, we will stride unbowed.
Until we can but sing out songs of glory dear,
Casting hymnbooks precious at His feet so near.
Then we will fall prostrate, at His beck and call
We've kept the Faith unbroken, giving Him our all.

Anonymous said...

To the Methodist leaders, read Psalms 1.
Do not take side with an evil person, you will be cursed from God.
Vore is seperating the mouth of God from the state as stated in the People's Charter, and the Methodist leaders are acknowledging it...Curse be on those misguided yellow bellies.