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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Money woes for Peoples Charter

It's been revealed money continues to be a stumbling block for the implementation of the Peoples Charter for Change, Peace and Progress.

Fiji TV is reporting that funding was the big concern at the second National People's Charter Advisory Council meeting, today.

The council is responsible for monitoring the implementation of the 11 pillars of the Peoples Charter for Change, Peace and Progress but chairman, Josefa Serulagilagi, says its proving a challenge.

The National Council is also an advisory body, providing support to Government and carrying out civic education and dialogue on important national issues.

Serulagilagi said recently that the response received  from Permanent Secretaries on the status of Charter implementation was objective and informative.

 He said while the Charter impact and benefits are filtering well to the grassroots people, the implementation of programmes that promote multiracialism were still a challenge.

 Serulagilagi added they also wish to discuss and provide some inputs to Government on the national dialogue initiative, which has been publicly announced by the interim prime minister's office.

 “The subject of land reforms is also something which the council may wish to deliberate upon and provide inputs to Government."

Serulagilagi also said recently that scholarships were still being given along racial lines and there was clearly low representation of Fijian Indians in senior civil service positions and heads of missions overseas.

 He said “Indigenous Fijians continue to lag behind in business and commerce.”

Concern was also raised about the Divisional Development Boards and the Provincial Development Boards.

“The formation of these Boards are important as they assist in bringing the views of grassroots people to the attention of decision makers and vice versa in matters pertaining to developmental projects and issues.”

 “In this regard, the formation of such Boards would be critical as the proposal for formation of these consultative Boards were in the first place included in the Charter based on their proven success previously following independence."


Anonymous said...

Any woes for the aftermath of this cyclone Frank has already said not to use schools and now with the curfew in place whats going on

Anonymous said...

what is happened to the likes of john sami on this

Anonymous said...

Boards - Boards & more Boards.

Only Board most people are interested in seeing implemented right nopw is one protruding from the side of an anchored ship.

Anonymous said...

This shows how greedy these people are. For a change they should work free of charge and prove that they are not in for the money! Va ya!