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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Neighbours do their bit

New Zealand and Australia have put aside their political differences with Fiji to help it get back on its feet after Cyclone Tomas.

There was never any doubt that John Key's government would help.

Wellington came through with a pledge to assist yesterday, despatching an airforce Hercules to Fiji this morning, with emergency supplies and key aid agency personnel.

The mission will pretty much go where it needs, if possible, to get whatever help it can to people in Fiji, with Australia today chipping in one million dollars.

Both governments would've struggled to turn a blind eye to the people of Fiji, whose country has taken a severe pounding.

Much could be made of Frank Bainimarama's determined cockiness that Fiji is capable of going its own way. It's not. It doesn't have money or friends.

It'd be interesting to see if his new mates in Asia come through with any aid and if he nods a thank you to New Zealand and Australia.

It's everyone's hope the devastation of Tomas does not set Fiji back, too far from where it is now. It already has a lot on the table.


sara'ssista said...

quite right.... where is the much needed help from new convenient friends china etc...i am never amazed at the gall of this illegal military government. eating your own vomit now boys ???

Radiolucas said...

No, Frank is too stupid and too proud to admit that Fiji needs NZ and Australia - because to do that is to admit that their criticism of his illegal regime is valid.

Anonymous said...

maybe thaksin shinawatra coming back from whereva he is to help voreqe since they best friends lol

Anonymous said...

is it so wrong for him to want help?

Anonymous said...

Announced today that China gifting aid to Fiji. God bless Voreqe and Sayed-Khaiyum's rich Asian brothers and sisters. May there be more from where it came cos we be needing it.