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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Peceli Rinakama to answer to charges

The case of the former Fiji Association MP, Peceli Rinakama, is supposed to be heard in court today, after he was charged with violating the public emergency regulations.

Rinakama was taken into custody on March the 5th because he was overheard making emotive comments, following the sentencing of his cousin and the high chief of Naitisiri, Ratu Inoke Takiveikata, to seven years for plotting to kill interim prime minister, Frank Bainimarama.

Coupfourpointfive was first to reveal the arrest of Rinakama, along with other officials from the SDL Party, including the director Peceli Kinuvuwai, who was later released.

We also managed to obtain the disclosure sheets for Rinakama, which revealed the police took four statements in its case against Rinakama - three of them from military soldiers.

The statements claim Rinakama uttered threats on several occassions after the sentencing of Takiveikata.
One of the people who gave a statement to police says he made a comment in Fijian - "Isa, vakaloma sara ga na Qaranivalu" meaning "Oh, I feel sorry for the Qaranivalu" to which Rinakama replied "E sega ni Vakaloloma o Naitasiri" which means "the Naitasiri Province is not in a sorry state."

The sheet shows Rinakama was charged on March the 9th at 1800 hours and released on March the 10th, but there were major concerns about his whereabouts for some time.

Coupfourpointfive can reveal today that police spent most of the five days interviewing Rinakama about his political affiliations, starting with his involvement in the Fijian Association Party, before moving to the Matanitu Vanua Party, which later amalgamated with Laisenia Qarase's SDL Party.

The interview records show that police officers, Apimeleki Digitaki and Kalusi Seru, spent most of the interview trying to establish who were behind the poltical parties and whether they were still active, politically.

The interview details also show Rinakama served three years in prison for taking part in an illegal swearing in of the George Speight government in 2000.


Anonymous said...

What a farce...don't they have anything better to do? Like going after criminals. Lousy bunch of idiots.

Anonymous said...

May as well save us the Dictator show trial and sent him directly to prison.

Whats that old adage about the more things appear to change the more they stay the same.

This despot regimes no different than all those who've preceded it.

Only thing unusual about this one is the location...

How big are these peoples heads?
Or am I mistaking ego's with greed?

Anonymous said...

Apimeleki Digitaki is seeing an Air Pacific flight attendant, a married woman and mother of five children. He uses the government mobile phone and government vehicle to transport his lady friend from suva to lautoka(where she lives) and back to the nasoso hangar, when she has to report to work.

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