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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Rinakama's disclosure sheet reveals lengthy police interview

Some information has surfaced about Peceli Rinakama, the former Fiji MP who was taken in to custody and whom it was feared might be hurt after several days in the hands of police.

Coupfourpointfive has obtained the disclosure certificate, which details the nature of Rinakama's charge and the army officers (Eperama Bulewa, Savenaga Rabuka and  Mikaele Wong) who gave statements to police.

The 27-page document, obtained via Suli Daunitutu from the Fiji Democracy Movement in Australia, includes a copy of Rinakama's interview with Detective Sergeant Apimeleki Digitaki and Kalusi Seru at the Major Crime Unit at CID Headquarters.

The document shows that Rinakama was arrested for inciting violence and disobedience of the law on March the 5th. His charge sheet says that without lawful excuse, Rinakama uttered in Fijian words calculated to bring death or physical injury to any person or to the lawful authority of the Government of Fiji.

The four statements say Rinakama was overheard on separate occassions to utter threats after the sentencing of his cousin and Naitasiri high chief, Ratu Inoke Takiveikata, to seven years jail after he was convicted of plotting to kill Frank Bainimarama.

One of the people who gave a statement to police says he made a comment in Fijian - "Isa, vakaloma sara ga na Qaranivalu" meaning "Oh, I feel sorry for the Qaranivalu" to which Rinakama replied "E sega ni Vakaloloma o Naitasiri" which means "the Naitasiri Province is not in a sorry state."

The sheet says Rinakama was charged on March the 9th at 1800 hours and released on March the 10th.