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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Sayed-Khaiyum cites examples of half-truths in US report

Fiji's attorney general, Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum, has taken another stab at the US 2009 Report on Fiji.

He maintains the report has anomalies and half-truths and cites as an example, the decision by the Government to revoke broadcasting licenses last year.

Says Sayed-Khaiyum: “What we did was that the spectrum license issued would be reviewed and all licenses issued in respect to the spectrum, not your ability to broadcast but your ability in respect to that spectrum would be reviewed,” he explained.

He says another anomaly concerned the media and how the Fiji Times Editor was given a suspended prison sentence and the company ordered to pay a fine.

Of that, he says:  “The reality is they pleaded guilty. In fact the reality is we did not have a hearing per say because they did not challenge the charges that were laid against them. They obviously had a right of appeal which they choose not to exercise. This report does not say that. So it’s ofiscating the truth, ofiscating the reality on the ground."

Sayed-Khaiyum says a number of issues continue to concern him about the report. 

“I think what’s unfortunate is that this report probably cannot keep pace with the changes made by the Bainimarama Government. I say that because the new Crimes Decree has been put into place, the Criminal Procedure Decree has been put into place, the Sentencing and Penalties Decree has been put into place.”

He says the Crimes Decree made Fiji compliant with international standards such as the Rome Statutes, the Rights of the Child and CEDAW.

“It’s a very, I would say, a light-weight report because it does not take account of the ground realties in Fiji, its not very forward looking and like I said, perhaps it cannot keep pace with the changes that are being brought about by the Bainimarama Government.”


mark manning said...

It's spelt, obfuscation, and I admit, I had to look up the spelling and definition on google !
It's amasing how in Sayed's mind, everybody else is wrong.
Perhaps he see himself as " The Fonz " from Happy Days.
He used to say he never made mistakes and couldn't even make the statement " I was wrooo, I was wrooo, I was wrooo " !
And will Sayed ever get it, that he is not part of any Government.
They are a bunch of low life criminals with the blood of at least 4 innocent, unarmed, Indigenous Fijian Citizens on their hands.
He is part and parcel of the act of High Treason against the State of the Republic of the Islands of Fiji, nothing more.

sara'ssista said...

light weight is having an illegal attorney-general with no senior law background making this up as he goes along. he has no respect in his profession and still appears to need a half dozen armed soldiers for protection. Tranparency ??? Just start looking at who had taken full advantage of this coup and who has enjoyed the benfits from the start.

Anonymous said...

"living a giant legal fiction".