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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Schools back tomorrow

Schools are expected to re-open in the Northern and Eastern divisions tomorrow.

Tents are being provided to schools that have been damaged to help school's get classes going again.

About 21 schools have been damaged in the Eastern Division and about nine of them were at the start of the weekend were still housing between them, about 450 evacuees.

Meanwhile, Fiji Live says DISMAC has told it 799 homes have been either partly damaged or completely destroyed as a result of Cyclone Tomas:
In Qamea and Taveuni, 89 structures were destroyed, 240 were damaged including two schools
In Koro, 7 structures destroyed, 26 were damaged including one school
In Gau, 3 structures destroyed, 23 were damaged including a health centre and community hall
In Nairai, 3 structures destroyed, 17 were damaged including one school
In Batiki, no buildings destroyed but 3 were damaged
In Vanuabalavu, 205 destroyed, 4 were damaged
In Matuku, 5 destroyed, none were damaged
In Totoya,14 destroyed, 11 damaged including one school
In Cicia, 8 destroyed, 9 were damaged plus one school
In Ono, 6 destroyed, 3 were damaged plus one school
In Mago, 2 damaged including a jetty
In Lakeba, 1 destroyed
In Moala, 10 destroyed, 22 were damaged
In Yacata, 2 destroyed, 16 damaged plus one school
In Vanua Levu,  23 destroyed, 40 were damaged including 3 churches.