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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Bainimarama tries to reassure Fiji over media decree

The Fiji Sun is reporting the interim prime minister, Voreqe Bainiamarama, is reasurring the nation the new media decree will set a better relationship with the media.

The paper quotes him as saying: “This consultation will cover certain aspects of the media which will improve the relationship between the people and the media outlets. Nobody is going to escape this consultation and there are ground rules for people of the press to speak on. They have no choice but to take part."

Media outlets including radio, television and print media, are at the first consultation which began this morning at 10 am in Suva, at the Holiday Inn. Consultations in Labasa are on April 8 and in Lautoka, on April 10.

Editor's note: For more on the media decree debate, see the Radio Australia story on Pacific Beat:
For over 12 months now, Fiji's local media and organisations like wire service Pacnews have been censored, with a ban on any negative story about the military regime and a directive that it practise a "journalism of hope". The interim government says the new decree will end that censorship.
Presenter: Sam Seke, Speaker: Campbell Cooney, Pacific correspondent; Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum, Fiji interim attorney-general; Lieutenant Colonel Neumi Leweni, Fiji permanent secretary for information


Anonymous said...

some ex - us army personnel had questioned the need for the fiji army. it seems they do not work nor produce economic goods. and they do not provide any service to society. so why are they being paid. their traditional role is to provide the first and prehaps only line of defence should fiji be at ware with another state. but given the advancements and complexities of modern warfare, can they provide any such assurance that they will do their job.

Anonymous said...

Yeah the decree ends the censorhip because it effectively takes over the role of current censors...you ce bo laqa.

Anonymous said...

its obvious they think they know what they are doing .... horses asses.

Anonymous said...

This army in Fiji is paid to guard Frank and his puppets because if not these people would be murdered by the people themselves!