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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Driti calls Samoan PM a parrot and puppet

The Fiji Military's Land Force commander Lieutenant Colonel Pita Driti, has called the Samoan Prime Minister a parrot and a puppet, following Tuilaepa Sailele Malielegaoi's comment the Pacific Islands Forum headquarters should be moved from Fiji.

Tuilaepa told New Zealand media yesterday that it does not make sense for the Forum headquarters to be in a country, which is not ruled by a democratic government.

Pita Driti told Auckland based Hindi station, Radio Tarana, the Tuilaepa is saying that because he wants the headquarters to be moved to Samoa.

"That's what he has been lobbying for all along, he wants it to be moved there. But the problem is the rest of the South Pacific members of the Forum don't want it to be moved to Samoa because it's a backward country.

"Now, he's trying to bullshit to say it should be moved to New Zealand or Australia," Driti told Tarana.

Driti says Tuilaepa is a puppet of New Zealand and Australia and talks on the two countries behalf.

"He's a parrot and a puppet that's all. He should be ashamed of himself because he's not a strong man, he cannot stand alone and is relying on those two countries. He's trying to please them."

Driti says Tuilaepa (pictured right) is trying to incite instability in Fiji by saying elections won't be held as promised in 2014.


  1. gutless coup supportersApril 29, 2010 at 10:04 PM

    It would appear the coup supporting indian radio station Tarana is an enemy of the Samoan people? This group of slum dwelling parasites needs closer scrutiny.
    As for driti - just a cowardly human rights abusing UN reject!!!

  2. Aren't Frank Bainimarama and his goons puppets of Sayed, the shameemimi siters, Anna the Magistrate( now pretend Judge ) and Chaudhry ?

  3. This is a contest between Tuilaepa and Toke Talagi, as to who can get more brownie points. They both seem to share the same brain.

  4. driti please you need to go back to school.

  5. Well in all honesty Drirti is for once calling it like it is.

    It is obvious from the get go this samoan squealer is placating to A/NZ.

  6. This comes from a military that has no credibility and rules the country by force, intimidation and threats.They refuse any kind of government or judicial oversight, but require everyone to be scrutinised by them?? For a group that claimed they wouldn't benefit from this coup, they and their family memebers and cronies have done rather well.And for all the waffle, they talk and engage as politicians no differnent than any previous bunch. They don;t wish to be accountable and muzzle the press to stifle any debate onn the merits or not of their so-called charter, that apparently is required reading and going to be enforced upon the people of fiji and then 'monitored' by a hungry military hell bent of absolute power.

  7. dimwiti said, "He cannot stand alone and is relying on those two countries."

    Has dimwit forgotten that it was those 2 countries that brought assistance to the devastated areas of Fiji long before dimwit was even out of his mistress' bed?

    Has the fool forgotten that the Fijian illegals have gone begging those 2 countries to supply assistance in eradicating termites?

    dimwit should go back to fornicating, boot polishing and reading between the lines. He certainly doesn't make it on the international stage; just ask malaya or the UN.

  8. Look foward to Tuilaepa's reply. LMAO Driti about to be shot down.

  9. Pita is himself a puppet and says Samoan PM not strong , Pita should be the last one to say this , he and his bunch of thugs hiding behind the power of GUNS,have they not tortured innocent people of Fiji , why not make the playing field even , call for a election and stand than we we see where thus like Pita falls into. Biggest coward of all time Baini and Pita

  10. Is Pita gandu ?

  11. what is Pita than ?holligan

  12. Thank you Samoan Prime Minister for standing up for the truth.

    Now whose Parrot and Puppet is Driti?

  13. Animal Farm.

    Bit rich - somebody who bears an uncanny resemblance to a Rottweiler (IQ to match) slinging off about someone else looking like a Parrot?

  14. Malielgaoi, a parrot? Is this what the Cockortwo really feels? Perhaps he could invite him into the band. After all, birds of a feather and all that...

    What does this make Bainimarama then - an Ostrich? And what of Aziz? A Vulture, perhaps?

    Continuing with this fun theme, Teleni must be a Duck, because he certainly walks and quacks like one. Neumi? H'mm... Ah yes, the flightless Kiwi.

  15. Too bad Mr Reject. Your Vore is a bigger puppet of mr Arrse.
    The Samoan PM has every reason to say that there will be no election come 2014. We all beleive that. The whole world beleives that.
    Only the people feeding from the Vore's trough, cant see that.

  16. Driti is the last one to be calling others a parrot!!! He is simply repeating what Bainimarama was spewing a couple of days ago!!!

    Membership to the international community of nations bestows certain privileges and benefits but it also entails certain responsibilities and undertakings such as abiding by and respecting certain rules, regulations and conventions - including the respect of human dignity and individual personal freedoms, a free press and an independent judiciary. What we see happening here is the junta wanting 'to have their cake and eat it too!!!' They want the privileges and benefits but ignore, reject and neglect the responsibilities that go with those.

    It,s a package guys - you cannot just want, you also must give... COMPROMISE is the name of the game you know - give a little, take a little... for the common good. The alternative? Economic ruin, social dislocation and political upheavals - get my drift????

  17. As if Samoans are going to take any notice of dribbling driti - coward, serial human rights abuser and UN reject. The moron can't even think for himself - khaiyum says jump and dribbler says how high!!

  18. I take ma hat off to Driti, every time he speaks it stinks. The world would be a much better place if he keeps his mouth shut.


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