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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Dumped Connect Fiji CEO set to return

The former CEO of Connect Fiji who had her position terminated last year amid claims of poor performance, is about to resurface in a plum role.

Sharon Smith-Johns is about to be named the new Permanent Secretary for Fiji’s Ministry of Information, according to the Fiji Broadcasting Corporation.

The flame haired expatriate replaces Neumi Leweni, who is now the Permanent Secretary for the Department of Lands.

Smith-John's new role is a very visible and critical one, and will see her tackle some major issues, especially with the advent of the controversial media decree.

She is considered to be a coup supporter but it didn't save her from being dumped by the military regime last year from Connect, an internet provider and a subsidiary of Telecom Fiji Ltd (TFL).

Coupfourpointfive reported at the time (October 2009) that Smith-Johns was given the flick along with TFL's General Manager Marketing, Ian Lyons because the junta was bringing in locals to replace them.

Sources said at the time that Smith-Johns had gone to the Queen Elizabeth Barracks to meet with senior military officers in a bid to get her termination rescinded.

Other blogs made a meal of her departure, saying she was a '"leech" who'd been undeserving of the role of CEO for Connect Fiji.

FBC News says Smith-Johns has refused to comment until the appointment is official.