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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Fiji's new Acting Permanent Secretary of Information has a 'big mouth'

Sharon Smith-Johns' first day at work has been a memorable one for her staff. It appears MInistry of Information workers were less than impressed with the Australian expat, judging by this picture.

The photo was taken on Smith-Johns' debut at the Government buildings in Suva earlier this week and was sent to Coupfourpointfive - it's been making the rounds with the heading Our New PS First Day At Work. 

We understand there was a backlash at the Ministry when staff were told she was Permanent Secretary of Information, last week. Staff have apparently decided she has a big mouth.

The flame haired Smith-Johns was ushered into the role with the departure of Neumi Leweni to the Department of Lands.

The illegal government's choice of replacement (she says it's in the acting capacity only and that the job will be advertised) has not been a popular one, with snide remarks suggesting qualifications had nothing to do with the appointment.

Smith-John's new role (she was chair of the Fiji Audio Visual Commssion) will be a highly visible one, especially with the advent of the controversial media decree and people are sceptical of her management, PR and media skills.

She is considered to be a coup supporter but it didn't save her from being dumped by the military regime last year from Connect Fiji, an internet provider and a subsidiary of Telecom Fiji Ltd.

Coupfourpointfive reported last October that she was bumbed off because the junta was bringing in locals and asks what's happened now for the expat to be elevated by the illegal government, when it was supposedly giving locals the opportunity to rise in the good jobs.

Other blogs made a meal of her departure, saying she was a '"leech" who was out of her depth at Connect Fiji.

Comments sent to this blog since the news broke, that she'd nailed the plum role of Acting Permanent Secretary have been in the same vein. Many had to be binned because they were unprintable.


White bashing said...

Well, let's just wait to see how she performs in the role before leaping to conclusions. Frankly, she can't be any worse than Leweni when it comes to formulating a communications strategy. And I fear that many of the "unprintable" attacks on her reflect a blatantly racist attitude to any kai valagi appointment. Anyone who takes a job with the regime cops a caning from the pro-democracy diaspora. But to hone in on the size of this woman's mouth is pretty poor, given that it's no bigger than many other viavialevu in Fiji.

Anonymous said...

Just how many Euros are working for the regime?

max said...

come on folks with that mouth i bet she is already performing

Anonymous said...


Fiji First said...

white bashing - she may well be better than Leweni but still unqualified. Let's be honest, regime not always hiring on qualifications - the hiring peeps who can spread their propaganda and keep people in line.

Knowitall said...

A good mouthpiece you mean?

Sleuth said...

Lest we forget - she is being rewarded because she was part of the hacking team at Connect Fiji of the e-mails of all those who stood up against the treasonous coup! In case she opened her mouth - so might as well give her a job where she opens her mouth for the regime

Knowitall said...

sleuth@6.56 what sort of damage can we expect then from her at Min of Info?

Anonymous said...


Suggest you keep your PC security up to date - especially firewalls.

Immediately delete any unsolicited - unknown or suspicious emails.

Ain't there for her drop dead good looks or bubbly personality.

She's on a mission - target is you (us).

Sleuth said...

I am told that her personal e-mails regarding the hacking mission has been in possession of the Fiji news media - those outside Fiji - so let her open her mouth for the regime - she is a criminal - if she was in the United States, she would have been standing trial for her role in the hacking of the e-mails - recall that chap who hacked into Sarah Palins e-mails!!!!! There are hundred and one ways to skin a cat - sooner or later we will skin her, too!!!!!! her co-conspirators like Aiyaz were with her - and that is why the media decree is being shoved down or throats and FT is being bullied - but stay cool...we will finish them off, one by one!!! Let her travel to her native Australia - she could be facing court there

KNowitall said...

sleuth - thanks for the warning. let us try to be responsibld without giving Madam Red too much power.

Sleuth said...

Sarah Palin testifies against e-mail 'hacker'

US politician Sarah Palin has testified against a former student charged with breaking into her e-mail account.

Mrs Palin told the court that the main way she communicated with her family during her 2008 vice-presidential campaign had been compromised.

David Kernell, 22, is accused of identity theft and fraudulently gaining access to her Yahoo account. His lawyer said the case was a prank, not a crime.

Mr Kernell, from Tennessee, could face up to 50 years in jail if convicted.

Asked by reporters if she thought the charges were excessive, Mrs Palin said: "I don't know, but I do think there should be consequences for bad behaviour."

Knowitall said...

sleuth - unfortunately Madam Red Mouth is working with approval and blessing of illegal government.

Hopefully, they who have the info re her illegal work and hacking use it to expose her to the world.

She and others who're selling their soul for brief shot at fame will eventually have to go home and face the music.

This regime will not be in power forever, where to for her then? Her fellow Aust ciizens should shee her for the opportunist she is.

Anonymous said...

In 2007, the respected New Zealand-based blog, No Right Turn reported Smith-Jones as having confirmed all Fiji-based ISPs had been approached by the military regime to see if pro-democracy blog sites could be successfully shielded from the public and blocked.

In 2002 she was appointed chief executive officer of Internet Services Fiji Limited.

At the time, executive director of ATH the parent company of Internet Services, Lionel Lee, said: “Mrs Smith-Johns has had extensive experience in managing Internet businesses in Australia. Because of her strong commercial background she will bring a new dimension into the company providing the leadership skills to raise it to another plateau,” said Mr. Yee.

Anonymous said...

Where is her media experience? If FT is foreign owned, how come she is allowed to speak on behalf of the illegal regime, which itself claims it is standing up for the people of Fiji:

From September 1999 to November 2000, Mrs. Smith-Johns was the company director of Powderbox, an Internet development business that created two other Internet companies, Tempest Online and

Tempest Online focused on sales solutions for Internet Advertisers; while Shesaid was the first Internet online publishing company launched in Australia specifically for women.

She was the founding director of Selenium Interactive that focused on building commercial websites from August, l998 to September l999

Mrs. Smith-Johns was the National Sales Manager for Fairfax Online from February l996 to August l998, with more than 10 individual websites; she was also the Retail Sales Manager for the Sydney Morning Herald.

Mrs. Smith-Johns has lived in Fiji for the past three years, and is married to dive instructor William Johns. The couple have four children, Sebastian age 7, Kurt age 5, Oakley age 4, and Indianah age 1.

Anonymous said...

I seek see worked for Tempest Online - oh, pity Fiji - remember Shakespeare's Tempest - she is sucking up to the illegal regime:

ARIEL sings and helps to attire him

Where the bee sucks. there suck I:
In a cowslip's bell I lie;
There I couch when owls do cry.
On the bat's back I do fly
After summer merrily.
Merrily, merrily shall I live now
Under the blossom that hangs on the bough.

Anonymous said...

Her Powderbox financial backers also provided seed capital for gay and lesbian sites.

Sydney Morning Herald

Friday November 26, 1999


SheSaid.com.au a women's Web site that already has cosmetics companies negotiating for the merchandising rights is the second Internet venture to be launched by Ms Monique Harris and Ms Sharon Smith in almost as many weeks.

The pair, backed by an incubator fund called Powderbox which has another two sites ready to go, left jobs at OzEmail and Fairfax Online to make their own splash in the industry.

SheSaid.com.au has been moulded to replicate the success of US sites women.com and iVillage, which have attracted a following on Wall Street because of their ability to deliver an audience of female shoppers to advertisers.

The site is produced by three editorial staff under the guidance of director Ms Helen Asher, who has a background in niche magazine publishing with Gadfly Media.

Stories on finance (in the vein of ``How to not let your ex-husband take your money"), travel and health aim to attract a core audience of 25- to 35-year-old women.

ShesSaid's backer, Powderbox, is an incubator set up by Mr Richard Poole. It is providing seed capital to four ventures, including an upcoming wine site and a gay and lesbian site.

Tempest Online Media, Ms Harris and Ms Smith's Internet advertising company, was the first Powderbox venture to launch.

Anonymous said...

She's not married to Bill Johns any longer. That ended in 2008.

That was her fourth marriage gone bad.

Euro file said...

Anon at 5.58. How quaint for you to ask how many "Euros" are working for the regime. As far as I know, the Euro is a currency, not a classification of person. Do you mean a European? In which case, Ms Smith Johns is not from Europe but Australia. Oh, perhaps you mean she comes from an Anglo Celtic background? Surely what you really mean to say is that she's white. That she comes from Valagi and is a kumala vula. Why not just say so? Ms Smith Johns is no more "Euro" than you or I. But to answer your original question: there's the said madam, Peter Thomson at the UN, Solicitor General Christopher Pryde and Chief Justice Anthony Gates, though he and the other kai valagi judges would argue they don't work for the regime. Any others?

Bad taste said...

Max, you're disgusting. You are entitled to criticise but your comment is beyond the pale.

Anonymous said...

It's understandable that with the current clampdown on freedom fo expression, we use the blogosphere to vent our frustrations. But the reason I read coupfourpointfive so much, is that I see it as more of an alternative news source - printing reputable stories that can't pass the censors. On that vein, it might be better if we avoid the personal attacks (eg. Miss big mouth, red mouth-style stories) - and keep this as a solid, credible news blog that keeps up with its great reputation.

Anonymous said...

@ Anon 6:42.
Couldn't agree more.

Be very interesting too see how C4 fairs when their peers start presenting accolades (prizes)for jounalism?

Anonymous said...

Why was WO2 Leweni moved to Lands? How much better qualified for Lands is he then he was at Infor and as Chinese Counsellor???

Is he being put there in anticipation of the 'landform reforms'? Quite the enforcer eh?

we want fat mary!! said...

Is this really the best the junta can do to sell their illegitimate message??? Even John Samy's pet cow would have more credibility!

Anonymous said...

The mouth looks great.

Anonymous said...

I like the photo, sure she has a BIG mouth, and that was how she got her new job.

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