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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Gone Marama Bale Charges Changed

Fiji Coup 2006 is reporting that sources in Fiji have told it that Gone Marama Bale, Roko Rui Dreketi, Ro Teimumu Kepa, appeared again in court today on charges of inciting public unrest under the Public Emergency Regulation.

The blog says this is the ninth time she has appeared in court on the charges. It says due to the clear lack of concrete evidence, prosecutors have now changed the charges and requested a further hearing in three weeks, where she is to be charged with conspiracy to defy the government.

Fiji Coup 2006 says the hearing started at 11am that there was a break in proceedings, with state prosecutors running around trying to drum up new charges because the current ones won't stick, due to lack of evidence.

It says it has been told the illegal regime wants to make an example of the Roko Tui Dreketi and is aiming for a prison term of two years, saying supporters were threatened not to mention the court case today.

The blog is urging people to denounce the kind of justice people in Fiji are now subjected to by the illegal regime, describing it as a kangaroo justice system.

"For the illegal Regime in Fiji the principle of  'Justice delayed is Justice denied' just does not apply in their perverted attempt to silence all those opposed to its illegal rule."


  1. Voreqe"the bully" needs to be stopped by any means before he turned the country into a mess. Let us stand up for our rights and heart.They are only a few thousands.We are hundreds of thousand.Who the hell they think they are.They will be nothing without us.If we all stand up together we can drive them out into the Suva harbour.We are all decendants of warriors as not long ago war was all forefathers know.So lets stand up and not be bullied by these dictators who had the courage hiding behind guns.

  2. There you go, you lead the way. We'll follow.

  3. First Naitasiri - now Rewa - tinkering with Bau via Vunivalu title - this idiots trying to provoke civil unrest.

  4. @10.59pm... The last time I checked, the country was already in a mess courtsey of the last three year's misrule! What do you suggest? Our forefathers' warrior spirits but our children's sweet innocence should be our rallying cry...

  5. @ Anon at 10.59 PM

    Which hundred thousand are you counting? Two groups of village elders representing two villages in Tailevu just did their traditional apology to Bainimarama and the RFMF this week. They followed this up with a promise of full support for the current government so before you start counting your thousand supporters, count Bainimarama's supporters first. The tikina of Koro island just did theirs earlier this year and so will be others following soon. Just wait and see which Fijian village that will be left. I suspect that by the end of the year, the only people who will not be supporting Bainimarama and the RFMF will be the SDL politicians and their families. As a start , please count me out and my family from your thousand.

  6. Memo Bloggers.

    Why do I keep getting the impression Max is non other than coup apologist & Kai Dia nationlist Budhau?

  7. The whole world wandered after the beast. Fiji is no exception. Supposed christians but have no clue of prophecy. That's the problem when all you hear from blind pastors are love, properity dance dance sing sing bang bang with drums the louder the better. With meaningless gibberish to top it off. Foolish utopia.

  8. @ 5:39...You must be either Nosetadrama or the beast itself - so full of yourself! The one and ONLY genuine prophecy repository on earth!!!

    Why dont you do something constructive and go and PLANT SOME CASSAVA baraca instead of denigrading everybody else!!! You are more foolish than those you are gleefully thumping your nose at. Knowledge, like wealth grows well when it is nurtured and invested wisely. But I guess, someone so arrogantly buried in his own conceit is too swollen-headed to understand! PEACE brother!

  9. @11:09pm... Ummm, two villages in Tailevu and one tikina where? Oh my goodness, that must make a total of 10 villages (or less) out of the hundreds in the country!!!

    Anyway, census tells us that we have more people living in urban centres now that in the rural!!!

    And you don't have to worry, we dont need your insignificant number in our camp! By the way, did you know that the government in 'Red Shirt country' is now trying to negotiate with the R/Ss. Take heed...the end (not the year) is near!!!

  10. @ Anonymous April 11, 2010 8:34 AM

    Bainimarama's support is growing much more in the urban areas than in rural Fiji. The only thing that is ending is the network of crooks, thugs and murderers who started the destruction of this country back in may 1987 when the first coup was executed. The new Fiji is at hand so I suggest to you to stop your wishful thinking and come join in the ride. You are missing the boat really.

  11. @8.17
    Hows your cassava patch? Any still standing after Tomas? No? Well then, get busy. The kids and the missus must eat. Don't waste anymore space in the city. That's no place for the faint hearted. Why do you blog? What are you fighting for? Do you call blogging fighting, like some of your fellow misguided bloggers. Just picture in your mind what you would like to happen and what would you do to make it happen. That should do you.

  12. @8:34am... I and my lot dont believe in joining 'the ride', much prefering to earn our way the honest and legal way!!! Thanks BUT NO THANKS. We wouldnt touch that BOAT even if it was the last one around!!! So, enjoy it while you can.

    By the way, the more you try to justify your wrong doing, the deeper you sink into your shitpit! That's how you began and that is how you will end - no amount of DECREES will save you my friend! All parties come to an end...


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