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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Immunity Decree revealed

Coupfourpointifive has obtained and is tonight publishing the controversial decree that grants the illegal government of Fiji FULL IMMUNITY for their crimes.

The Limitation of Liability for Prescribed Political Events Decree 2010 was signed quietly by the president Ratu Epeli Nailatikau on March the 29th.

The decree gives immunity to:

  • The former president ofFiji Ratu Josefa Iloilo
  • Military commade Voreqe Bainimarama
  • Jona Senilagakali, the caretaker prime minister
  • All oficers and members of the armed forces, except those who've been found guilty of a crime
  • All officers and members of the police force, except those who've been found guilty of a crime
  • All officers and members of the Fiji prison services, except those who've been found guilty of a crime
  • Plus all other persons who acted under the direction, orders, instructions and commands of any of the above persons.
Coupfourpointfive says this is yet another example of the corrupt and illegal actions of this self-appointed government of Frank Bainimarama.

Read for yourselves the decree to form your opinion.


Anonymous said...

Saddam had an immunity law in place. Did not help him all that much did it?

Anonymous said...

Ironic....so Bainipyjamas, you do believe the coup was a treasonous act after all, why else you need the decree.

Anonymous said...

Decree offers yet another example (insight) of their flawed logic.
(time travel).

An illegal regime now will still be an illegal regime then - it cannot make legally binding decisions.

These people have dug themselves a hole so deep even the tradidtional
system is beyond their reach.

Murder - theft & assault just to name 3 - offer great hope & scope.

Unless they've found an elixer of eternal life? All in grave trouble.

Anonymous said...

History has proven again and again you cannot appease despot dictators.

Fan of History said...

To annonymous Saddam. That was because the United States was determined (and organised) to get him. They found him in the hole he'd hidden and died as he should've - executed, bearded and old and pitiful. We want for the US at this time. They have much work to do in Fiji

Anonymous said...

@ History Fan.
Current IMF talks will offer an indication where the US stands?

Girmit said...

This was predicted to happen. As is the prediction that the 2014 elections won't be democratic as the illegal regime claims it will be. Franky and his men have it all worked out, unless the people of Fiji start standing up to the goons and their guns, it's goodbye Fiji, the way the world should be.

Fan of History said...

11.19 Saddam: The US has reaffirmed its interest in the Pacific, since exiting a few administrations ago because of costs. One hopes it's inspired to take a more visible leading role down this way, though as we've seen with Australia, Rudd has been too preoccupied with China to pay attention to Fiji. The international community, especially NZ, OZ and the US, should not be proud that another despot came to power (and thrived) under their watch. Pressure needs to be brought to bear on the illegal regime for democratic elections, under the scrutiny of trusted international countries.

Anonymous said...

@ Girmit.
Don't give credit where non is due.

They haven't got it worked out - far from it - latest decree indicates an increasing level of desperation.

Their worried alright - Time + everything else is against them - know for a fact that some of the better educated career officers are starting to wonder about the logic and wisdom of having an increasingly irrational naval officer in charge of a land army - involvement in civilian politics? This + the loss of overseas training opportunities - increasing isolation - does not auger well for those currently in charge? Watch closely current IMF talks - US influence? They (regime) get knocked back - no money. (pay).

When change does occur - it will arise from within.

Indemnity will be offered - but it will be very very selective.

Girmit said...

@10.28 I can see you're point.How long acan the army carry on without feeling some uncertainty about their future and direction of the army if they're concentrating on politics. Let them hurry up and speak up, though. Even better let them hurry up and act.

Wantint 2 Know said...

Time + everything else. You sure it's desperation and not that they're not home and dry?

Anonymous said...

@ Wantint 2 Know.
Ode of The Islander.

"It is both blessing and sin - that that that keeps out - also keeps in".

Unless FMF have developed a cloaking devise - they aren't going anywhere. (literally & physically).

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Help Wanted asap.

Anybody serious about getting rid of these thieves and fools - start lobbying US State Dep re IMF funding talks.

Anonymous said...

Time is indeed against the junta. The US administration is watching closer than many of us may think. In the power struggle ahead between China and the West, the Pacific will become a strategic theater again. And Fiji is right in the middle of it. Frank and his a... lickers will soon feel the heat turned up by the CIA. There is no way that a mentally unstable tinpot dictator will be allowed to blossom when serious interests are at stake. And for our oily faced AG the fall will be very hard when the house of cards comes crashing down.

Anonymous said...

Rest assured - blowtorch is lit.

B O Baini said...

Hey Baini, the Samoan PM is a real PM not a pretender like you. This was just a beautiful laugh at the dictator clown!!

Anonymous said...

Baini should know better then anyone that laws can be broken and that he will never be safe.

Anonymous said...

Dictator Mugabe is still running around, dressed to kill in his leopard pillar box hat and fur coat, corrupt and mad as a dog. But justice did see the Americans get Saddam, because the will was there. The fate of Baini and his trusty steed, Sayed Khaiyum, is in the fate of the hands of the people of Fiji.