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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Indo and indigenous Fijians prove they can work together in NZ

The Waikato region's previously divided Fijian community has united in a landmark event with Indo-Fijians and indigenous Fijians agreeing to work together in future.

The two groups have long been divided – a hangover from political and cultural divisions in their homeland.

But representatives from the Waikato Fiji Association (Indo-Fijians) and Fiji Waikato Community (indigenous Fijians) put aside historical differences last week and signed a memorandum of understanding to collaborate on projects to celebrate their culture.

The deal was done under the supervision of Internal Affairs Department community development and funding adviser Jenny Nand, who said the deal was a milestone for New Zealand's Fijian community but relatively simple to negotiate.

"It's about promoting the Fijian culture," she said. "It wasn't that hard to come to a common agreement outlining the key boundaries and the roles each organisation will play."

Waikato Fiji Association secretary Alvin Chand said it took only three or four meetings before they had hammered out a deal.

"The thing is we both want to make the community aware here that there's a Fijian community present and we want to integrate ourselves," he said.

In the past the two groups have put on separate Fiji Day festivals but this year on October 9, they will celebrate together for the first time.

Fiji Waikato Community president Jalesi Nakarawa said the Fiji Day partnership was just the first step.

"The long-term objective is working together and merging the groups," he said. It was something he had never heard of happening in New Zealand.

Mr Chand said he would talk to Waikato Museum about having an area to display traditional arts and crafts during October as a way to make the Fijian culture more visible.-By Rob Kidd, Waikato Times


Anonymous said...

If only it was that simple in Viti?

Anonymous said...

presumably if it was.... you wouldn't need a miltary to intervene when 'they feel' they want to.

Tadu said...

Forgive my cynicism,but I will check back same time next year as we have taken a bet on how long the cooperations last. LOL

Anonymous said...

Well done to the Waikato Fiji - Fijians & Indians. Though Fiji Wellingtonians are the first as part of Race Relations Day which saw the formation of Wellington Council of Fiji Communities.

This had been widely publicised and perhaps used as a model.

Radiolucas said...

Though I am pretty sure everyone in Fiji celebrates Fiji Day in pretty much the same way... Watch a parade, see a movie, have a drink with friends and sleep in the afternoon because it is a public holiday.

Maybe in the near future Fiji Day will be renamed "Franky Day".

Anonymous said...

@Radiolucas...would'nt that be a real waste if twas named after humpty-dumpty!!

@Tadu...forgot to mention..notably absent from the Wellingtonian Fiji forum were; Fiji Indian Association & Fijian Methodist...they just probably did not want to sit at the same roundtable for some reason. We are hoping that this time next year they would have decided to join up.

Anonymous said...

It was Chaudary who pushed in the race cart, and made the word a famous vocab of the vore.
While others were just trying to iron the differences in society, and concentrated on the indeginious more because the need for it to be so, chaudary and vore, cried foul using the race word.
Fijians and Indians were always working, groging, and living harmoniously together, until that mad selfish Chaudary,injected the race trump into some retard brain.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunate as it is the race card is basically political survival in Viji. Just ask Jai Ran Reddy and Rumbo Rabuka, they were casualities of the middle ground. Unless and until the powers that be come up with a better electoral system the race card will dictate the political landscape in Viji for sometime yet.

Anonymous said...

Previously "a better electoral system" meant Indian domination -
Kai Viti becoming Maori's - Hawaiians or Aboriginals - never been about race - about cultural attitude - ownership of land & recources.

Fact is India's attempted a colonisation of Viti via a diaspora has failed & while they move on to greener patures in ever increasing numbers - the Kai Viti who had no part in this sad affair are left too pick up the pieces.

Anonymous said...

The so called Indians did not colonise Viti...they were a by product of the colonisation of Viti. Now the kai Vitis are not left to pick up the pieces but are in fact breaking up Viti into pieces. So say vinaka to Vore et al.

Anonymous said...

@ Anon 3:21.
Indians did (have)not colonise(d) Viti? Surely your not serious?

Anonymous said...

Nah am not serious but merely stating facts. The Brits not Indians colonised Viti.

Anonymous said...

Hare wah! Kaibiti ke kaidia, both are brothers and sisters in Christ except for Chodori and baini Vore who are doing their best to stop the Methodist church from successfully doing this.

Anonymous said...

quoting @ Anon May 6, 2010 12:09 PM who rightfully said, "Fact is India's attempted a colonisation of Viti via a diaspora has failed & while they move on to greener patures in ever increasing numbers - the Kai Viti who had no part in this sad affair are left too pick up the pieces." unquote.

Hear hear, some of those commenting just needs to read between the lines..Yes Colonisation 2nd phase here!! Thats right, Fiji Club in Auckland refer President's article on claims for Fijian identity when the Indian named lady was in earnest an Indian diaspora. Talk about creating confusion. Thats when we say 'fraud alert'!!