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Friday, April 9, 2010

Loss of 170 jobs if paper closes

The newspaper publisher News Limited could be forced to withdraw from Fiji after the military-led regime issued a draft decree effectively banning foreign ownership of media companies.

News Limited’s Fiji Times, which employs more than 170 people and a further 1000 indirectly, is facing closure under new rules that require media companies to be at least 90 per cent owned by Fiji citizens.

Already there is a ban in Fiji on “negative reporting”, media companies operate under strict military censorship, journalists have been interrogated and the Fiji Times has had two of its managing directors deported under the military rule imposed after Commodore Frank Bainimarama seized power in a December 2006 coup.

In a statement yesterday, News Limited chief executive John Hartigan said News, also publisher of The Australian, was “very concerned” about the media decree “to retrospectively limit foreign ownership of media to 10 per cent . . . We have made representation to the Fijian authority to find a way to resolve the issues and are awaiting the outcome of those representations.”

Mr Hartigan warned that the decree “raised some important commercial issues for the Fiji Times that need very careful consideration”.

Fiji’s Attorney-General, Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum, said the decree would establish a media code of standards in ethics and practice while emphasising “fair, accurate and responsible reporting”.

The decree would also establish a media industry development authority to monitor compliance with the code.-Geoff Elliott, The Australian


  1. Who cares if they lose their jobs? We won't blink an eye for them. Those people just have to ask their editor Netani Rika and Publisher Anne Fussell what happened. They should ask both of them to find them employment.

  2. Third world minds at work. So base

  3. Max - maybe Rupert could dip into his billions - tide them all over?

    Personally put money on flying porkers or regime giving back all the money before this happens.

  4. TheMax - as you don't care too much for "the great unwashed". It sound like you talk from a privelaged domain perhaps in a closed and gated community ... hmmm ?

    Anyway, FYI - at the Fiji Times, if they can smell the dragon's breath right, there may be another lot of jobs about to go .

    Its not just about 170 jobs ... its about a median number of 5 per family that each current job holder helps to support, which really equates to 850 souls, three fifth's of which which will going to school, which means no money to go to school with, which means no book & uniform purchases, which means no bus fares and school lunch ingredients purchased from the markets and supermarkets, which means less money going into the economy.

    Now for the benefit of your no-care attitude, work all that out with the thousands of civil servants estimated to have reached at least 9638 civil servants that we know of (with family members to support, thats an additional 48,190 souls) , and now add to that sorry sum the number of sugar cane farmers forced out with no income - estimated to be conservatively around the 19,000 mark - thats another 95,000 people affected by this vindictive and stupid regime....

    Just from these 2 figures, we compute 144,040 people affected already and living just above, at or below the poverty line - and added only from 2006 ......

    Now add to this number the people that were already believed to have been below the poverty line ... according to FCOSS this figure is about 484,000 (55% of the current population of Fiji)

    So what do we have so far - a very conservative figure of 628,040 people fighting to live hand to mouth each day ........

    If we can surmise TheMax's thinking then ... it is that he is happy that Bainimarama has committed treason and stuffed the economy and Fiji's people to give his 3,000 soldiers, and 30 key silver-dollar thieves of Suva a luxurious life at the expense of all of us and all in the false name of equality, and some clean-up campaign crap.

    BTW, the entire population of our nation is 838,724.

    You can do the math.

  5. I think Maxed-Out is all huff and puff. I've just read one of his comments and he doesn't have the verve for arguments. He's all talk and is happy trotting out what Bainipyjamas says, instead of thinking up his own arguments. The illegal regime will not survive to 2014, it can't, something will happen to free the people of Fiji, so take heart.

  6. The writing was on the wall for the Fiji Times long ago. Their editor and publisher probably thinks the current leadership wouldn't come up with a media decree such as the draft one. Too bad it seems to be too late for the newspaper company now.

    People are jumping up and down for freedom of this and that but the Fiji Times has been guilty for years for abetting destabilizing forces in Fiji since after coup 1987. And the hidden agenda of that strategy can be glaringly exposed if someone took the time to dissect and analyse the papers articles in the last 22 years. It just can't be hidden anymore and it is time someone expose them for the fraud that they are.

    @ Anon April 10, 2010 8.55 PM

    We will meet you there when your supposed time come. This government will survive right up to 2014 and beyond. We are waiting for you. Mark my word!

  7. @ Bosonisuka

    FYI, the one who committed treason is Qarase. Bainimarama saved Fiji and all its citizens. Too bad your campaign to change our minds will never work this time. This time the people of Fiji, except the SDL crooks and their foreign supporters, are working towards making Fiji a truly democratic country. So bye bye to your wishful thinking.

  8. TheMax -
    Proof dahlink ... proof .... of what you claim .....

    is what we want ...

    and we havent got it ....

    .. why do I think we have gone down this path b4 Buddhau? ....

    BUSTED ... next !


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