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Monday, April 19, 2010

Top Methodist executives tell church they're not stepping down

The Fiji Broadcasting Corporation is reporting that the president of the Methodist Church of Fiji Reverend, Ame Tugaue, and general secretary, Reverend Tuikilakila Waqairatu, will not step down from their positions despite requests from some church members that they do so.

Tugaue and Waqairatu were asked to relinquish their authority because some members wanted the church to build a better relationship with the Bainimarama government.

The Methodist church acting general secretary, Reverend Tevita Nawadra, told FBC News the two ministers have told the church hierarchy of their intention to stay on.

“The president has written to the churches, the ministers and the superintendent ministers stating their position that they will continue to hold the offices of the president and the general secretary. So that is the decision they have made.”

Nawadra also confirmed that Police Commissioner Commodore Esala Teleni has cancelled their proposed meeting to discuss issues pertaining to the Public Emergency Regulations Decree and the Methodist Church meetings.

“Yes, it’s a sorry situation for us as both the Prime Minister and the Police Commissioner are both saying no to talks because we believe in talking as the most amicable way of addressing any issue but with what has taken place, we’re praying that hearts will open and that we’ll find the proper time to talk to each other and share our differences and our values.”

The Methodist Church has been banned from holding its annual conference and choir competition, which is the main money generating activity for the church to fund its administration.-Fiji Broadcasting Corporation


Anonymous said...

Good News indeed. Who are they to dictate terms to the church.
Thank you Rev Tugaue and Rev Waqairatu, for standing firm to the principles of the church.
Let God deal with this illegal cowards.
God bless the church.

Anonymous said...

Yeah why should they stand down?

Anonymous said...

Power of the Internet.(c4).
Both this story and the one about Samoa's PM criticising Bainimarama
immunity decree made the mainstream media via FS.

Who said bloggers are wasting their time? Blog on!

Anonymous said...

God is with you all the way. All these evil men who want to dictate to the church will be destroyed by the power of God.

They and their families and supporters will suffer for all the evil they have created.

let the real clean out begin said...

Congratulations to the Christian Methodist church making a stand against this evil anti Christian anti Fijian regime. Throughout history Christians have never taken a backward step and never will. Let us all patiently wait for the real clean out to begin and this evil junta and its supporters are 'removed'! God bless Fiji and its people against these coup perpetrators.

Anonymous said...

total hipocrates...they order the church to stay out of politics but is okay for them to have coup or four, take over parliament and judiciary , appoint themselves to jobs in the judiciary and public service and give themselves pay increases.

Anonymous said...

Not being devisive but I sense a blatant double standard operating here?

Given their involement in Viti politics - will the same directive be issued to the Catholic church?