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Friday, April 23, 2010

Meridian Agency recruiter told to stop trawling for workers in Fiji

Fiji authorities have moved to stop a Fiji national from recruiting locals to work in the Middle East, in places like Iraq and Kuwait.

Several complaints have been made against Timoci Lolohea from Meridian Services Agency, some going back to 2005.

Fiji's Employment Relations Tribunal has ordered Lolohea to stop recruiting immediately and to also quit  placing advertisements and offering employment contracts for, or on behalf of employers, for work outside Fiji.

Lolohea (right) has been the subject of earlier complaints. In 2005, men who returned from security jobs in Kuwait told of the poor conditions they worked under, after being recruited by Meridian Services Agency.

The men complained they had been misled and that their working conditions (including lack of medical treatment because they didn't have medical insurance) were well below what they had been promised.-Source FijiVillage and Others. Picture FijiVillage.


Anonymous said...

Key issue is not that he's been stopped - more how was he allowed too start again?

Well known & strangely well thought of within RFMF ranks.
Got ties to regime - employs ex RFMF personel - non RFMF people
(civilians) who got ripped off simply viewed as collateral damage - monetary bonus's (spending money).

Anonymous said...

Yeah this lousy regime was super quick in going after law abiding citizens like the Tuisolias, the Methodist ministers, Roko Tui Dreketi etc who by and large were merely exercising their constitutional rights. They never ripped off poor people like this assole did. And yet the regime appears to be turning a blind eye...no warning, no threats etc. so he feels quite confident that he can make another successful round of conning poor people...making mega bucks in the process.

Anonymous said...

This idiot regime is starting to make zimbabwe look good!!!

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