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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Samoa's PM: decrees the vice of dictators

The prime minister of Samoa, Tuilaepa Sailele Malielegaoi, has described the decision by Fiji's junta to impose a media decree on local media as "astoundingly predictable."

In an interview with Tupuola Terry Tavita, the editor of the Samoan government newspaper (Savali) that appears on Pacific Scoop, Tuilapea says the recent actions of the illegal government "comes straight out of the I-want-to-be-a-dictator rulebook."

"First you silence your critics, you then appoint your yes-men to positions of power then you issue outlandish decrees to, well, save your skin.”

It's being reported self-appointed prime minister, Frank Bainimarama, has given him and his government immunity under another decree.

Tuilaepa says in the Tavita interview, that decision and the media decree speaks volumes. “The two decrees sum add up to political, legal and criticism immunity. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if his next decree is to change the Fiji national anthem. Instead of God Bless Fiji ..... it will be God Bless Bani….. For Bani instead of For Fiji… the all-knowing, the all-enlightening God-sent Bani ….. all hail Bani!”

Tuilaepa says the rule of thumb is not new. “We’ve seen it with the abrogation of the constitution, the disbanding of Parliament, the takeover of Police, the sacking of the judiciary, the dismissing of the council of chiefs and even the bullying and sidelining of the Methodist Church. Now with the silencing of critics and the declaration of legal immunity, it’s all very predictable. The regime is digging in for the long haul.

“He (Bainimarama) has entrenched the public service with the military, appointing his army top brass to heads of government ministries and corporations. I wouldn’t be surprised if come 2014 he declares there’s no need for elections as his CEO colonels have become ‘experienced’.”

Tuilaepa says decrees are the vice of dictators. “The laws of the land should come from acts of Parliament. But too bad Bani has scrapped Fiji’s representative Parliament. Only the Mugabes, the Hitlers and the Mussolinis of this world issue decrees. If anything, the decrees are an admission of guilt. They can’t face the consequences of what they’ve done to their country. Can’t face the music. Can’t justify their sins and misdeeds. So they cloak themselves in immunity decrees.”

Tuilaepa has criticised the illegal regime several times before, but told the interviewer: “It’s not really criticism… its advice. It’s like watching somebody trying to jump over a cliff. So I’m actually consoling my friend Bani. Trying to help him, pointing him out the error of his ways.”

Tuilaepa says he he has had a lot of Fijian friends and he is concerned with the Fijian people’s welfare. “Fijians are happy people. Happy-go-lucky people like us Samoans. But then, as the children’s verse goes, along comes Bani the spider and bites it in the…[laughs]. They’re not happy people anymore. Caught in the spider’s fly trap… er, I mean web.”

And he says Fiji could easily hold free and fair elections next month if Commodore Bainimarama wanted it to. "It’s the only way he can respectably bow out of the predicament he’s got himself into … give the country back to the people. Besides elections are fun, very liberating."

He adds: “Democratic politics is a lot of fun. Where you can engage in political wit with your political opponents in the morning and still enjoy a round of golf with them after work. At the same time, the people exercise their right to vote, their right to support and of course, their right to dissent. In fact, if it wasn’t for elections and democracy, I’d be really bored.”

Tuilaepa says good governments need good oppositions to tell them what to. "And good governments do what good oppositions tell them what to do – so they can remain government and the opposition remains the opposition. Forever.”

Picture: From top to bottom Samoa's prime minister Sailele Tuilaepa Malielegaoi and Mussolini, Hitler and Mugabe


Anonymous said...

Now, he sounds like a really good bloke. Maybe I'll have my next holiday in Samoa - I'm certainly not going back to Fiji for a long while!

Anonymous said...

Samoa's PM is spot on about dictators - only the names and locations change.

Anonymous said...

Very refreshing, a leader who says it like he sees it for a change. No beating around the bush. Well done...if only Baini would listen.

TheMax said...

For someone who has been Prime Minister of a country for more than 10 years, that sure also qualifies as having reached the position of Dictator of a country in my opinion. Tuilaepa Sailele Malielegaoi should stop criticizing Bainimarama because every time he opens his mouth, he is exposed as a tool for Australian and New Zealand agenda to have hegemony over the Pacific island states. This guy is a sellout of Pacific brotherhood and sure acts like a prostitute, selling his country's soul and sovereignty away for 30 pence.

Anonymous said...

There is competition in todays world and thats a good thing. Samoa has the potential to take Fiji's role as a leader in the Pacific. And they surely should. After 20 years of being sidelined perhaps even Fijians will realize that allowing Frank to be the boss man was not such a good idea....

TheMax said...

No one is stopping Samoa from going ahead and compete with Fiji. With a population of just over 100 000, they surely can try. Let's see where it ends up.

Jon said...

If your opinion is that being Prime Minister of a country for more than 10 years qualifies as having reached the position of Dictator of that country, then your understanding of the word 'dictator' is deeply flawed.

Margaret Thatcher was PM of the UK from 1979 - 1990 and did so by dint of being succesful in 3 successive elections. There are numerous similar examples from around the world - Samoa being one of them.

Girmit said...

Good on ya Tui! Well said. Maybe you should help the people of Fiji by organising them to stand up to Baini

Anonymous said...

@ Jon.

Don't waste your time on the Max's
(Budhaus) of this world - simple common logic baffles them.

If your uphappy with your motor mechanic you change - same with your doctor - or anybody else?

Democracy is not perfect - but it does offer freedom of expression - accountability & transparency regarding those who govern us.

Radiolucas said...

@ Jon et al

No point trying to take up "TheMax" on any point relating to Frank's accountability - the formula of their argument is the same each time:

1. Make a random comment about the writer, rather than the points they make;

2. Redirect the argument to a personal allegation i.e. that the writer is a dictator themselves (what?); and

3. Attempt to argue this point without any reference to evidence or reality, then attack the responders for their morals.

Stupid really, but the whole point for "TheMax" is to distract readers from the reality that Bainimarama has now set up the tools and people for his regime and is in the for the long haul.

Elections in 2014? It is all a cruel lie - he will only have elections where he can be certain that HE or his best mates will win. Nothing less will do for a criminal guilty of treason.

Make no mistake, Fiji is under the rule of a dictatorship and we should all be very very concerned and appalled at the denigration of our rights, our home and the people.

TheMax said...

@ Radiolucas

The problem with people like you is that you talk as if you are Bainimarama himself. If you are the same Radiolucas who always comment at the discredited Raw Fiji News blog, you just as discredited as them. you think you know something but really you don't know anything.

Anonymous said...

Stop saying max is Bhudau. Bhudau is not an idiot.

Anonymous said...

The Max is the prostitute and deserves a spanking from Baini Valevo

Fa'a Fiji said...

Hardly think Tui is the dictator of the realm of Fiji's Voreqe Bainimarama. The people of Samoa probably have their gripes, legitimate no doubt, but the scale of oppressions is nowhere what the whimsical Lui Muri would have us believe. Agree with him, though, that the fa'a Samoa system has bred its own dictatorial traditions, including patriacrchy, subservience of children etc etc

ex Fiji tourist said...

Good grief! The green goons have let Pepsi max out of the guardhouse again. Full of sugar and little substance, he pathetically tries to cover up the sins of the dictatorship!

Anonymous said...

Thank you Max, for being the idiot you are. Its a great way to go nowdays - not knowing what is good, or bad, up or down, black or white, right or wrong, real or false, but just "follow the leader"
Birds of feathers stick together!!
Moce Jo !!!!

Anonymous said...

And now Tuilaepa and HRPP are in a coup themselves, refusing to acknowledge the newly elected Faatuatua i le Atua Samoa ua Tasi (FAST) Party and defying the Supreme Court ruling 4 times regarding this matter. He as a care taker PM and his government and Legislative Clerk denied the attendees for the swearing in ceremony of the new FAST government their basic human rights and neglected their duty of care and put the lives of attendees at risk when Tuileap cut the power and water and locked the facilities. The swearing in took place in a tent next to the parliament house. Samoa now has a new government and PM, first female PM of Samoa and the Pacific, PM Fiame Naomi Mataafa. The newly elected PM and government are legally and officially recognized by the Supreme Court and by nations in the region and around the world. Tuilaepa refuses to acknowledge the new government, is still in defiance of the court rulings and told Samoa in samoan during a press conference that he's makes the law, he interprets the law and he is above the law. Now that's typical of a dictator don't you think?

Unknown said...

Do still wanna come to Samoa?...lol..watch out we got no plane even samoa don't belong to a plane...ha..ha..good luck..lol..