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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Smith-Johns named in permanent secretary role

Fiji's new Acting Permanent Secretary for the Ministry of Information, Sharon Smith-Johns, has given her first interview saying she welcomes the challenge that will come with the position.

She told the Fiji Broadcasting Corporation a short time ago that she expects to be kept on her toes. “Well in any new position its always a challenge and there’s a lot to learn - obviously coming from the private sector moving into government areas in particular - there is a steep learning curve. I am excited about the challenge and by the end of next week I will be in a much better position to be able to comment further.”

The former CEO of Connect Fiji was head hunted by the junta and told FBC News that the permanent secretary position will soon be advertised. “The position I am actually going into is an acting position so the position will be advertised and the proper transparencies followed. I am only in there in an acting role.”

The Former Information Permanent Secretary, Lieutenant Colonel Leweni, ihas been moved to the Ministry of Lands and Mineral Resources.-FBC


Another junta parasite said...

Welcome aboard the human rights abusing junta Ms Goebbels.
The collapsing corrupt illegal regime are really scraping the barrel now!!
How do they find these bottom feeding slum dwellers?

Anonymous said...

The bottom feeding slum dwellers sleep with them.

Anonymous said...

tailor made for a travel ban - anybody know where she hails from?

Anonymous said...

Slum dweller.

Obviously good at something because her record in other areas such as business leaves a lot too be desired.

Anonymous said...

Oh, what happened to the manta of giving jobs to the locals - if Fiji Times is foreign owned and needs to be localised, why employ a foreigner as media spokeswoman for the illegal junta?????

Anonymous said...

All dog shit these talk about localisation and clean up crap.

Coup 4.5 said...

Twelve other comments on Ms Smith-Johns have been binned because of their content. If you want your comment published, be creative but don't go overboard because we'll have to kill it. C4Editor

Anonymous said...

Only thing consistent about advisoe aiaz is he is always inconsistent and taken military council for a looooong ride.

Because Australia banned him thus he has to take military down the path of all illegal, so that he can justify his long stay in Govt.

Military changed its position from being Final Bastian of Law to Final bastian to protect Aiaz.

Anonymous said...

12 comments binned? I think this clearly demonstrates the danger of her in this position. She is very well known as a vindictive, immature woman who simply has ties with the government. It is not a question of what experience she has to do this job. She has none. The only question now is how long will her appointment last and how much damage will she do while in the position.

I have never seen so much negative talk and head shaking about an appointment as the talk around Suva today. It was the topic at both the golf club and one of the members clubs.

It's not important that she's a foreigner either. That is the easy argument.

Sharon Johns is a mean woman who has a history of not caring about the country at all, represented by her horrible tenure at Connect and TFL. She is entirely self serving and anyone who has worked with her or knows her would attest to that.

A very very sad situation for our country.

Anonymous said...

Judging by her past form - say immediate criteria (task) would be stiffle any criticism of her masters - dtto here - internet.

Leweni is well briefed in such matters having spent a considerable
time in PRC (PLA) studying this subject. One stage there had so many Trojans could have started my own Greek festival - so be warned -be alert with PC security - especially if originating within Fiji.

Apart from those from within Viti -constantly amazed at the collection and diversity of those assemblling against him (them) - overseas Goverments - Lotu - Murdoch - now the internet.

Best thing we have going for us is that despots throughout the ages share one common trait - their all delusional (mad) - this one's no exception.

Difficulty lies in limiting the damage before their condemned and discarded into histories rubbish bin.

Anonymous said...

Ed - Pacific in the Media.

Trust you'll display the same respect & dignity when she (they) starts hacking?

Coup 4.5 said...

@11.53am hate being so generous but unprintable is unprintable-C4

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
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