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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Smith-Johns tipped to replace Leweni

The former Connect Fiji CEO, Sharon Smith-Johns, is being tipped to replace Lieutenant Colonel Neumi Leweni, who is now the Permanent Secretary for the Department of Lands.

Smith-Johns' appointment as Permanent Secretary for Fiji’s Ministry of Information is being reported by the Fiji Broadcasting Corporation.

Smith is currently the chair for the Fiji Audio Visual Commission and told FBC News this morning she will only be able to comment once the appointment has been made official by government.


  1. Absolutely shocking and frightening at the same time.

  2. be afraid, be very afraid

  3. Is this then another example of the great Transparency of dis government? What has happened in the last year for this expatriate to be given this very good position? What has happened to the good jobs going to the locals?

  4. Would be interesting to get figures on what expats or non-fijians/ non-indo fijians are employed in fiji. ps what is this lady's CV, please besides Connect Fiji and that other pplace, Visual something...???

  5. Ask Ranjit Singh - Thakur to compile the figures for us


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