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Thursday, April 15, 2010

'Sorry' Rabuka planning a Tiger Woods press conference

Sitiveni Rabuka's apology is making news. The story was outed by the Fiji Broadcasting Corporation yesterday and after being run locally in Fiji, has now been picked up by New Zealand media.

In the Stuff website interview, Rabuka says point blank: ''What I did was wrong." And as he told Fiji media, Rabuka told Stuff his contrition came after the junta stripped him of his pension and his car earlier this year.

''I felt justice had finally caught up with me,'' he said. ''I was receiving something I had unfairly gained.''

Rabuka now aims to hold a "Tiger Woods press conference'' ahead of the 23rd anniversary of his May 14, 1987 takeover.

Rabuka, as a lieutenant colonel in the Royal (now Republic) of Fiji Military Forces (RFMF), forcibly ended the Indian-dominated Fiji Labour Party (FLP) government of Dr Timoci Bavadra a month after it was elected.

He later won two democratic elections, but now says he had an unfair advantage over his rivals because of the popularity of his first two coups.

Rabuka said he was no longer trying to score points off the Bainimarama regime. ''I don't want anybody to do anything, this is just me,'' he said. ''Basically, my life is village life, my political life is over. I know my brand of politics is not right for this generation, not these people, not future generations.''

Bainimarama ordered the cancellation of pensions paid to retired politicians and in the case of Rabuka, even had his car seized, leaving him to be dropped off by the side of a road.

''I got dropped off and started walking back to the village,'' Rabuka said. ''When I started walking back, I started reflecting on what happened and this justice thing came up  it was the road to the village and the lights came.''

Yesterday Rabuka met up with the paramount chief of Vuda, Bavadra's vanua or tribe. ''On reflection what I did against the doctor was wrong, and I want to tell them that.''

In 1987 Rabuka was RFMF's third in command. He said he had now made peace with retired Lt-Colonel Jim Sanday, his immediate superior, and he had met the then RFMF head, Brigadier-General Epeli Nailatikau, now the military appointed president.

Rabuka has returned a tabua or whales' tooth given to him by Nailatikau when Rabuka became RFMF commander. Rabuka says now his installation as commander was illegal.

He wants to meet Bainimarama and the secretive military council.

''They probably still distrust me I want to go to them and say 'look you were all my subordinates at the time  I want to tell them I lead them astray'.''

He says he has no political message about the current regime or other coup plots.

''If people have been using my coup and saying 'that went okay, maybe it is okay to do another one', I don't want anybody thinking like that I want them to know that I know that what I did was wrong.'' 


Anonymous said...

Rambo - please go away - go back to Drekeniwai - you had your time in the Sun & blew it.

Why the hell your stll running around promoting yourself when Speight rots in prison will forever remain one of Viti's great mysteries?

River Styx Boatman said...

What a heart-warming story. It might have taken 23 years but Mr Rabuka has finally realised the error of his ways and wishes to apologise to Dr Bavadra. I’m sure there are more than a few people who would like to help him undertake his journey to the good doctor’s abode.

Less heart-warming is his inane admission of guilt. What facile mouthing. What empty headed, vacuous self promotion. Were he to beat on the Chief Justices’ door wearing sack cloth and ashes and voluntarily hand himself over for incarceration in Naboro for the next 16 years for treason, then we might all stand and applaud a man who has really experienced a Damascene conversion.

Of course that’s not likely to happen because it would mean that the decree by which Rabuka gave himself immunity would be invalidated. And if THAT decree was made invalid then what would be the chances of the latest bit of botty wipe giving immunity to everyone since 2000 going the same way?

Anonymous said...

Dear Rambo - Can you tell us what role Fiji's current Foreign Minister Kubuabola, Minister Bole and Judge Mataitoga played in your 1987 coups? Also, why aren't the descendants of Mara and Ganilau apologising to our Indo-Fijian brethren and sisters - for after all, it their powerful support of the coup and the new racist 1990 Constitution - in which they became Presidents that enabled you to become Prime Minister. If you are saying that he didnt deserve that pension as PM, surely the Mara-Ganilau clan ought to pay back the monies Mara and Ganilau got as Presidents under your racist 1990 Constitution. Why are you apologising to Ratu Epeli Nailatikau - he never stood up to your coup - he had quietly slipped out of the coutnry a day before the coup, and later emerged to become your High Commissioner in London. He should apologise with you or return those monies he made out of that appointment following the 1987 coups. You have started something that should not end in apologies but convictions. If you are saying that you dont deserve that pension, and surely, the immunity Ratu Penaia gave you and all those aroung you, including himself and Ratu Mara, does not stand - be MAN enough- and stand for trial for treason. Or as you boastet that you were aware that treason carried death penalty - maybe you should stand trial and even he wiling to be executed - so stop apologising - request the present regime to put you on trial on 14 May - 23 years to the day you overthrew the Bavadra government. If not, as anoymous says, go back to your village and SHUT UP for life

Anonymous said...

Gud on you Rambo but I guess its water under the bridge like Mr Vunibobo always said.

mark manning said...

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Government Still Working On Draft Fiji Media Decree

Fiji coup plotter says sorry

Fiji Food Symposium To Review Constraints On Growth

Tourist numbers into Fiji increases

Anonymous said...

Rambo, you have taken the first step - good on you. It's now time for you to apologise to the indo fijians. It's because of you the country has seen a brain drain of such magnitude.

Anonymous said...

Rambo should not live a village live. He should serve a life sentence in Naboro for treason as his mate Cassava Frank does.

Anonymous said...

Lots of people must be laughing at Rambo: lost his car, his pension and now his mind.

P'fika observer said...

The poor family of Dr Bavadra having to put up with this BS from this mealy mouthed failed coupster. Why isn't he behind bars like his mate, Speighty?

Anonymous said...

hmmm...20 years down the track & Rabuka has gathered enough courage or ??wisdom to say sorry!! The trail of damages/wounds for Fiji & its people is just too much to take it all in at this point in time!!

Interesting to note, @anon [April 16, 2010 10:46 AM] immediately jumped to claim 'Indian slogan..apologise ..brain drain!!' oi- Europeans in Fiji got hammered by an Indian-led riot & never got an opology so whats your problem??

Anonymous said...


And when was this my friend? Hope it was not during the period of indenture or plainly during slavery? This is not about race. It is about the events that have happened. If you realy want to bring in the race card, take some out and on reflect on the commentary by Fiji's greatest Statesman - Ratu Sir Kamisese Mara when he was about Fiji's first Indo-Fijian PM.

Anonymous said...

One more thing @4.36pm. It was the British who lied to the Indians and got to them to Fiji in the first place. Has there been an apology for this??

Anonymous said...

The British also offered all the Indians the oppurtunity to return home - overwhelming majority didn't.
Indians in Fiji should thank the British every single day for getting them out of the hell hole that was - & still is - India.

Anonymous said...

@ 5:31pm Stop whinging and go study ACTS 17:26! Fiji will be a much better place once the likes of you learn and live the good lesson from THE GOOD BOOK!

As for SLR, the only way he can really make amends is 'to DO THE TIME FOR HIS CRIME' so all those that followed him will understand that IMMUNITY is not a right but a principled privilege bequeathed through the strength of ones convictions! And one certainly does NOT need a decree for that. If you believe, then gaol is a small price to pay surely! Only cowards would hide behind immunity decrees!