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Friday, April 2, 2010

Stakeholders to get two and half hours to read media decree before submissions

The attorney general Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum yesterday told the Fiji Broadcasting Corporation that media industry stakeholders will have enough time to look through the Media Decree before they make their submissions.

He said stakeholders will be given the draft media decree at least two and a half hours before they are to make their submissions.

FBC quotes him as saying: “We believe so. In fact what’s actually being put into the draft decree is the many various codes the media need to adhere to or have been adhering to that were in existence, for example through the media council. These are actually now being put as proposed law.”

Sayed-Khaiyum says there won't be any surprises in the media decree, as much of it has already been revealed.

“The bulk of the decree has been set out in the advertisement. The Code of Conduct and also for example when you advertise sexual offences whose names you put out, whose names you don’t. How do you portray people who have been charged?"

"There’s various areas that cover that, its actually quite clear cut. So everybody knows what it is. As the advertisement also says, it has to do with cross media ownership, as you know there was a policy previously, now its being put into law," he said.

"Media Ownership is also addressed in the decree which we looked at jurisdictions like the USA, we have also looked at countries like Singapore where they have a media development authority, which the decree also establishes.”

The Media Decree has been brought in to provide laws that the media should abide by.-Fiji Broadcasting Corporation.


  1. Is this why illegal PS for information is in Malaysia for three weeks?

  2. A dead set joke performed by Clown impersonating an AG - or is that vice versa?

  3. The terrorist khaiyum must hang for the real clean up of Fiji to begin!

  4. It would not be unseeming to suggest that Mr Khaiyum has been hatching these government policies for some time. The policies of this government were not thought of overnight, nor did they come from the Commodore. They were formulated by the likes of Sayed-Khaiyum, who must have welcomed the opportunity to put his much0ignored analytical thoughts to use.

  5. Lord Haw Haw of HorowhenuaApril 4, 2010 at 1:55 PM

    So the so called 'people's charter' speaks about principles such as inclusiveness, transparency, consultation etc....
    Where is the evidence of this? What we have in Fiji is a dictatorship! An illegal regime which has compromised and essentially removed the rule of law! It is a regime that rules by fear and the gun! It is a junta in which coup supporters and apologists are simply stealing from the people of Fiji and filling their own pockets.
    The economy of Fiji is collapsing under the totally useless Fiji military control.
    The future of the nation under these human rights abusing thugs and murderers is very bleak indeed.

  6. It seems to me that after three years and a bit, we have to come to terms with the fact that our criticisms, emotionally charged with indignation as they were/are just keep falling on/bouncing off deaf ears. What I am saying is, WE ARE GETTING NOWHERE except making ourselves sound like badly scratched broken records.

    Postings on this site and other blogs serve little purpose other than indicate to the world that this military junta does not have the support it purportedly claims to have! Is this enough?

    We must accept reality and understand that simply making criticisms just doesnt cut it anymore. What we need to strive for now is to offer practical and realistic alternatives/solutions through constructive exchanges of views and ideas. To be able to do that, we must firstly keep our emotions in check (though this is a big ask!) so our analysis and discussions can be both objective and pragmatic. We also need to rally and mobilize our collective energy into a social force that will make it impossible for this junta to ignore - the musical dilettante we have been performing thus far is not drawing us the audience we need. Maybe we can emulate the RED SHIRTS of Thailand...Smart utilization of today's technology to our advantage like they are doing in autocratic NKorea is another possibility.

    I have no doubt that we have experts in all fields - both old hands and young, dynamic, well educated, well trained and experienced patriotic Fiji citizens and friends who can and will do right by our country if called. Do we have mass and grassroots support? I would like to believe so! However, both groups need leaders to front up and take charge - to mobilize, nurture, organize, strategize...It is often said that there is time and place for everything and that for isolated barking from over the fence is now passed... It is also often said that a journey of a thousand miles begins with a simple single step... in the right direction!!!

  7. The central role of Khaiyum becomes more and more apparent. He surly is one of the conniving creeps pulling strings of this idiot PM. From clerk at Colonial to Minister of almost everything is a steep career move we should really have a look at his and hos brothers overseas bank accounts.

  8. To 4>18pm. .... there are thousands of red shirts and all of them prepared to die for the caause. I do not see the numbers in Fiji or the passion. The people of Fiji, especially the young, are apathetic, lethargic and totally self absorbed, caught up in their own materialistic and youthful joys and Facebook, while the older are scared, like those who lived through the Killing Fields and the Khmer Rouge. Who and how will the people of Fiji be mobilised with more decrees being brought down on our heads?

  9. @4.50pm EXACTLY! and EXACTLY!!! I believe that the HOW is the easier problem to tackle. The WHO question is the more difficult and more urgent one to take care of at the moment! Our youths may indeed be too absorbed in their self-centered existence and our elders too fearful of the regime's immorality - propped up as it is with disdain and disrespect for all the values we hold dear! Yet there is a section of the citizenry that is conspicuous in its silence - the neither young nor too old but those in their prime and who, if they so choose or if they can muster up the COURAGE, have the POWER to 'take the bull by the horns' and say ENOUGHHHHHHHH!!!

    There may be thousands more Red Shirts than freedom-loving Fiji citizens but their strength does not lie in their numbers alone. Their strength is also very much fed by their organised and unified energy; their belief in and determination to achieve what they have set out to achieve!!! We, on the other hand, seem to have thrown in the towel even before we begin!!!!!!

    Yes, the Khmers suffered terribly during the brief (3 or 5 years?)brutal ruthless and utterly inhumane REIGN of terror by the Khmer Rouges. Driven deep into the forest, most resorted to eating unimaginable grub and endured all sorts of nightmarish conditions. But the Khmers did survive those painful ordeal. The wounds though have yet to FULLY heal!!! But you know what? Their suffering would have been a lot worse and the numbers exterminated would have been a lot greater IF it wasnt for the brave few who organised resistance!!!!!

    So, yes, it will be difficult BUT then, (though this sounds like a tired cliche) "Where there is a will, there surely and certainly will be a way!"

    By the way, those decrees? - they DEFINITELY are not 'the Ten Commandments' and the formulators of those decrees? - they are just humans and so they are just as vulnerable. Now, how many stones/pebbles did it take David to smite the mighty Goliath?????? Government machinery? What was that strategy that Ghandi advocated?...Of course, during Ghandi's time, technology was not as advanced nor as sophisticated thus not as capable as it is today ...the possibilities is limitless if only...

  10. Yeah lets begin the resistance movement. Any contact point?

  11. Radio pirate radio to hit the airwaves, something mobile to tell the people what the news papers are not allowed.

  12. if through this decree we can get rid of FM 96, then i say bring it on....

  13. Now we're talking! Strategic planners - any advice?

    Make careful note of the RED SHIRT MOVEMENT in Thailand. Note especially their choice of a rallying ground. That is strategic thinking and strategic planning for you!!!

    So, apart from their numbers, they are getting the attention they were aiming for through their resilience, their unity and their ability to organise, plan and coordinate their moves. Again - LEADERSHIP is crucial here for without that and those elements above and of course, modern technology, moving (both literally and figuratively speaking)those tens of thousands supporters would have been a chaotic logistic nightmare with possible serious casualities!!!

    Of the reportedly 58000 Red Shirts presently gathered/rallying at Bangkok's tourist hub, there is almost a similar number of security personnel dispatched to contain them. The R/Ss rolling demonstration began in mid-March. When it will end and how it will end, nobody knows. But the predominantly rural-based protest are in it to the end, in spite of government's threats of arrest and jail terms! 58,000 crammed into Ana's Magistrate Courts? How many can Iowane's hotels take? Feeding? Accomodation? Security? Imgine the visiting hour!!!! ... Anyways ...

    So long as we all UNDERSTAND THAT the cost of/PRICE for reclaiming our freedom - NEVER TOO SMALL!!!

  14. @ Anonymous 12:36pm...Why is it that because of the follies of a minority, the majority have had to always pay?

    How else can the FM 96 problem be tackled? How about that 'fashionable' 'favourite' corporate remedy - ACCOUNTABILITY! From the very top to the very bottom each one must take resposibility for his/her actions!!!

    Does it need a media decree to ENFORCE this???

  15. @ Anonymous 4:50 pm. I dont think the problem is that people lack the passion. Our problem is, how can we find out what drives, what motivates, inspires, energize our people. Find that PULSE and we have our very own LEGIONS of BLUEZ!!! FOR FIJI!!!


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