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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Vunibobo recalled because of the United Nations stand on Driti

Fiji's former Permanent Representative to the United Nations, Berenado Vunibobo, was ordered home after the UN blocked Brigadier Pita Driti from leading a peacekeeping mission to Iraq.

We have been told that stiff opposition from NGOs and Civil Society, led to Driti's rejection. 

Driti is the Land Force Commander of the Fiji Military Forces and played a leading role during and after the 2006 military coup.

According to sources, Frank Bainimarama's regime was unhappy that a seasoned diplomat like Vunibobo was unable to convince the UN to endorse Driti.

Vunibobo has been succeeded by a regime apologist and former Secretary to the Governor General at the time of the 1987 coup, Peter Thomson.

His axing  is being seen as a warning to those who accept positions in the regime, that they can be discarded at any time.


Anonymous said...

Vunibobo of all people should know that he has gone past his 'use by' date. He is now like his favourite saying..."water under the bridge"

He should have retired peacefully to his village and help his relatives in upgrading village activities. But alas the lure of money and presitage is just too much I guess.

Anonymous said...

If their really serious about wanting too punish him (or anybody else)they'll move him (them) to Fiji Sugar Corp.

Just released figures (loss's)are staggering.

This is an indication of Bainimarama's management capabilities? God help us.

Anonymous said...

I understand that a lot of the NGO/civil society activism around Pita Driti is because he is believed to be one of the most senior officers behind the assualts and intimidation of activists.

Anonymous said...

What a joke coming from a bullying regime:

No place for bullies

Samantha Rina
Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Students eager for the holidays in Suva await their bus after school yesterday. + Enlarge this image

Students eager for the holidays in Suva await their bus after school yesterday.

BULLYING has no place in the school system.

These were the words of the head of the Ministry of Education, Filipe Bole, in response to queries on the monitoring of bullying in schools.

Mr Bole said while the ministry did not condone bullying in schools, it understood the need for a greater understanding of the issue by all stakeholders so that problems could be effectively addressed.

He said bullying was caused by a number of factors which could either be school or family related. "It must be known that such problems need our shared responsibility," he said.

For this reason, certain programs have been implemented to reduce bullying incidents.

Girmit said...

@7.32 So many inconsistencies in the policies not to mention the double standards.

Bullying a good example; they mouthing admirable philosophies but they practicing brutalities at Queen Elizabeth barracks.

Everywhere there is inconsistencies ... job appointments, funding, decrees etc etc

Anonymous said...

as people tend to 'drop off' in fiji in their 40's and 50's lets hope the illegal regime are in the best of health.Because it won't take much for confusion and chaos to set in if anything should happen to some key players. All those ambitious current and former colonels and brigadiers seking the top job... it will be a crush.

Keep The Faith said...

And apparently good ol Jimmy Ah Koy has been recalled as well but its been kept hush-hush...apparently that's why his pet project re: ETHANOL was canned.