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Saturday, May 22, 2010

Bail decision on Monday for two officers accused of trying to oust Teleni

The two policers officers charged with mutiny after allegedly trying to remove Police Commissioner Commodore Esala Teleni (below) from office are to appear in the Suva Magistrates court again on Monday for a bail hearing.

Former Police Directors of Intelligence Special Branch, Rusiate Tuidravu and Berenando Kolinio, are charged with mutiny and are believed to have conspired between the 15th October 2009 to January 2010 to remove Police Commissioner Commodore Esala Teleni from office.

The Fiji Village reported yesterday that Tuidravu and Kolinio both pleaded not guilty to the charges and have been remanded in custody.

Yesterday's proceedings focused on whether there was evidence to keep the men in custody and refuse them bail.

Director Police Operations SSP Waisea Tabakau said the police were concerned that the matter is still under investigation and “there’s a likelihood they will interfere with other police witnesses”.  

Kolinio's lawyer Mehboob Raza said there was no tangible evidence at this point in time and his client was entitled to bail.  “If lacking evidence, why lay charges now?” asked Raza.

According to Tabakau, the police taskforce team has interviewed 80 witnesses and 30 suspects apart from the two accused. 

Magistrate Kaweendra Nayankara adjourned the case saying a decision will be made next week.

He also suppressed information relating to parts of the case from being made public.-Fiji Village, Fiji Live.

Footnote: Radio New Zealand is quoting police spokeswoman, Ema Dimila, as saying police are still investigating whether any other officers were involved. “We have reasons to believe that other people, some other people would be involved in this. We don’t think that only two would be enough to carry out what’s been alleged against the two men. So we suppose there are other people involved or could have colluded with the two and so investigations are continuing until that time comes or the charges are laid on other people that we can mention names."


Fiji Military Rubbish said...

The totally useless and poorly led Fiji military is a joke and has no place in the future of the nation and certainly NO place whatsoever in any UN or international participation.

Anonymous said...

Certainly have a place in dangerous future faraway UN operations - impass being their desire to return.

Anonymous said...

They have no evidence but they want them in remand...what a joke. How can two senior police officer remove dumb Teleni give he is the right hand man to Vore? Mutiny my ass.

Anonymous said...

The only one planning a mutiny against whatzhisname is himself... phobia, guilt, greed, ... if he could catch his own shadow, he would put it in custody too!!!

Anonymous said...

Would someone tell me if the fake COP Teleni is going to be charged with the removal the real Commissioner of Police Andrew Hughes and his assistant Moses Driver?

Seem's like the Fiji Police motto,"Salus populi suprema lex esto (Latin "Let the good of the people be the supreme law" or "The welfare of the people shall be the supreme law) has been usurped to becoming "Salus Teleni"

Anonymous said...

Telini is even crazier than the village idiot bhaini the mongoose!!
Hang them along with khaiyum for treason!

Anonymous said...

@ anon 6:39.

All very well - understand where your coming from - but threats of retribution such as you speak makes us no different than them - also won't bring them to the negotiating table.

Anonymous said...

Whats that old saying?

What goes round comes...?